Our journey to Kaziranga National Park

Lakshmi Mitter
Books can introduce us to people we have never met and places we have never visited. They help us to question and to attempt to understand a world different from ours. For this we need to engage with the book. The writer shares her experiences with a book – from how she got to know of it to how the children she read it with reacted to the book.

Preparing to learn outside the classroom

Tanaya Vyas
Field visits are wonderful learning opportunities. However, if the students are not aware of what to expect during the visit, there will be little or no learning. Here are a few things you should keep in mind before planning a field trip for your students.

Taking a path less travelled

Mohit K. Sharma and Gaurav Sikka
In order to implement a progressive approach in today’s teaching-learning milieu, the shackle of a traditional and mundane teaching approach needs to be broken. This can be done by including adventure learning or explorative learning. This article focuses on a trip to Milam Glacier in the Kumaon region of Uttarakhand.

Stimulating the reading habit

Chhavi Jain
The reading habit has always been the bone of contention between children and parents/teachers. The adults want the children to develop one and the children believe there are better ways of spending time. Here are a few tried and tested suggestions for you to try and turn your students into readers.

A story of the solar eclipse

Farheena Naseem
Here is a wonderful story about the solar eclipse narrated in a simple way to help children know about eclipses.

Abode of peace

Chintan Girish Modi
Here is a first hand account of the author’s visit to Santiniketan and how he came away totally refreshed, and taken in by the peaceful atmosphere.

Journey to the ends of the earth

Manik Dhingra
Eighty one participants from 26 countries went on a mission to Antarctica to learn about leadership, climate change and the Antarctic environment. The author who was part of this team which comprised mostly educators, pens his experiences in this simple article which both inspires and encourages. Read on for some fulfillment.

From teacher to servant

Payal Adhikari

A curious and experimenting teacher shares her experience of having used a novel method of painting, called ‘Play of Paininting’ with her students. These painting sessions became a learning experience for both the teacher herself and her students.

Walk in a village – a story

Nimesh Ved

The author shares here his exhilarating experience of presenting a talk to a group of school children. Perhaps we could borrow a leaf from this experience on how we too can make our presentations in class fun for our students.

Let the formulae roll

Vijayalakshmi Nandakumar
Chemistry deals with chemical symbols and formulae and often children find them difficult to memorise. Here is a game for students of class VII and VIII that will help them learn the valencies of the different elements easily without trying to learn them by rote.