Escape from reality

Tim Hibsman
With schools closed, this is the perfect time for students to embrace research writing for all subjects. Students can be asked to research different topics and then provide their project through a traditional research paper and presentation. The optimum way to give students their assignments is through a model scenario. Provide students a role playing situation where they conduct research, write a report and present their findings.

Using data to improve learning

Ishita Ghoshal
Action research helps a teacher to enhance her reflective practices. It gives her a glimpse of the learning patterns, learning attitudes, gaps in learning and empowers her to use fact-based data to drive, explore and experiment to improve or innovate upon these patterns. The author illustrates this with an example from her own experience.

A ‘smart’ way to assess projects

Tenzing Rapgyal
A reflective teacher shares his thoughts on how he went about assessing students’ work when they were asked to work on an English project .

Blogs as a tool for reflective teaching

Jennifer Thomas
When teachers try out new methods or engage in experimenting with a particular lesson plan in the classroom, how do they get to share their experience with other teachers? Do they reflect on whether their new ideas found favour with the children or not? Here is a story of how teachers turned reflective by writing blogs and how the experience helped them get an insight into the various teaching- learning moments.

Why a teacher does what she does

Kinnari Pandya
The aim of education is to develop critical understanding in children and how successful a school is in this aim depends on the teacher and her pedagogy. We analyze how a teacher’s beliefs, ideas and knowledge of her students influence her pedagogy as we observe a math teacher in her classroom.

An action plan for project work

Tenzing Rapgyal
Work distribution and setting a timeline are important parts of completing a project work. But how can one create and implement an effective action plan? This is an important life skill that needs to be imparted to students. A teacher gives a first- hand account of how he helped his students to manage their time effectively as also to plan their assignments.

Those difficult conversations – 2

Thejaswi Shivanand and Rohan D’Souza This is the second and last part of the article on teaching about caste in urban schools. The course The Centre for Learning (CFL) curriculum for senior school students (Eleventh and Twelfth standard) has a Read More …

Those difficult conversations

Thejaswi Shivanand and Rohan D’Souza

This is the first of a two-part article on teaching about caste in urban schools. The authors’ interactions with teachers from different schools over the years have indicated a woeful non-engagement, especially in urban schools, with a phenomenon that is as pervasive as it is influential in the lives of millions across the sub-continent.

That unsettled feeling

Neeraja Raghavan

Teachers are a harried lot and have their everyday concerns. But it is the reflective teacher who stops to think about what she or he is doing who goes to become a happy and successful teacher. It is this process of reflection or action research that helps in teacher development. Three real cases have been cited here to show that when a teacher feels unsettled, it is then that her journey to development begins

Staying healthy – in school and in life

Baishakhi Dutta, Saraswathi Moorthy, and Sugra Chunawala

When teachers in a college observed the frequent sick leaves that their students were taking, they knew it was time that they sent across a ‘healthy’ message to their students.