Taking time off

Books and art —- there can be no better way to get teachers to come together and give them a special time. A short event to help teachers to get away from their familiar environments was held in Hyderabad recently and true to the theme, ‘Rediscover yourself through books and art’, most of the teachers who marked their attendance promised to buy and read up the books that they had perhaps long forgotten about.

Explore, observe and learn

How does one teach about rain to primary children? The best thing would be to engage them in activities that take them out of the classroom.

Talking about tolerance

This website addresses issues on diversity and has a lot of resources that can be adapted to the Indian context by imaginative teachers.

Learning in context

Learning sessions in classrooms come nowhere near experiential learning making the whole process dull and drab. This delightful article cites two instances where a lot of learning takes place both for the student and the teacher.

Through the gender lens

Teachers need to be conscious of how gender stereotypes work in schools and classrooms and must learn to alter their clasroom practices. A look at how this bias can be negated.

In the days before Multiple Natures

This article emphasises the concept or theory of Multiple Natures that helps people understand themselves better, enter the right career paths, and get along effectively in whatever work environments they encounter.

Science sans the teacher

Science is all about curiosity, wonder, and endless exploration. And the best way to teach science to preschoolers is to allow them to ask questions and find the answers themselves . Read on to discover a fun-filled activity-based approach.

The art of seeing

In our series on multiple intelligences, this time we take a look at Visual intelligence. Visual Intelligence is about seeing from an active and playful mind. It’s about seeing the present, the future and the past. It’s about seeing, carrying, playing with, and creating images. Visual Intelligence is not about Art class. It’s about Art class in every class.

Teaching research skills

In the current competitive scenario, Indian science teachers need to go all out and provide research experiences for children in the classroom. This is best done by bringing about a shift in teaching practices. Developing a scientific attitude and thinking pattern in students is of utmost importance.