In loco parentis

As teachers we are responsible for several children and while we may consider that our only responsibility is to teach them lessons from the syllabus we don’t realize that there are several other lessons that we can teach them by being responsible adults.


Treating children with dignity I would like to thank Zenobia N. Lakdawalla for sharing her experience in ‘We learn from mistakes’ (Notes from a teacher’s diary, March 2010). In her situation, it would have been easy to do the usual Read More …

Enjoy spelling!

Remediana Dias

Spellings–most children find them difficult to master. Dictation used to be the only way to reinforce spellings earlier but here are more fun ways of learning to spell.

Changing times for tiny tots

Ardra Balachandran and Deepti Bharthur

With a surge of pre-schools in India Teacher Plus takes a look at the role these schools have come to play in the society. What do parents expect from these schools? Are they playschools or preschools? Is there a difference?

For a stress-free childhood

Seetha Anand Vaidyam

Preschools are announcing newer and newer ways of engaging your 3 year old intellectualy in order to stay ahead of the competition. But are all these new methods and techniques doing any good to the child? Even a 3 year old can be stressed. How can we provide them with a stress-free environment? Read on.

Making the margins visible

Usha Raman

Civics classes have always been reduced to learning the features of the Indian constitution and the Indian government. Civics textbooks offer umpteen opportunities to make classes livelier and more contemporary. Issues like marginalization and human rights might only be mentioned in the passing but here’s how you can use these issues to discuss, debate and learn about society.

Small scale chemistry

Yasmin Jayathirtha

If your students have so far only been exposed to chemistry experiments in the textbook as setting up a chemistry lab is a lot of expenditure your school cannot afford here is a way you can get round the problem. With Small scale chemistry your students can actually try out experiments for themselves and your school doesn’t even have to spend that much.

What is a teaching aid?

Meena Raghunathan

If you believe that you have to invest a lot to develop or buy teaching-learning materials you are wrong. Here are inexpensive materials you can use from your surroundings to make teaching fun.

Thumbs up to bottle caps

Aditi Mathur and Ratnesh Mathur

Waste not, want not– the saying goes. This time Tool Kit brings you ideas and games using bottle caps. It is amazing how many things you can learn from mere bottle caps!