Making friends at the library

Chintan Girish Modi
The book under review is a tribute to the institution of the public library, which offers a space, a service and a sanctuary. It provides human connection to the misfits and the marginalized, and to readers eager to discuss the books that they adore.

Math can be fun!

Sadaf Sayed
When you introduce math to children through interesting and fun facts, children will find it easier to like the subject

Learning through reflections, working from strength

Varun Gupta
Reflections are a wonderful way for teachers to learn and grow in their profession. As they observe their students in different situations and their own interaction with their students, teachers become better at what they do.

Taking responsibility, leading the way

Usha Raman
Responsibilityand accountability are a part of a leader’s vocabulary. Leadership cannot be successful without either of these two characteristics. But in the education space, are there any boundaries within which a teacher works? A teacher’s areas of responsibility cannot be defined and she/he is accountable to multiple stakeholders. So much can the teachers take on?

New age parents

Neerja Singh
The spotlight anytime and everywhere is always on the next generation. We talk of their problems, their successes, their concerns and fears. As responsible adults we are asked to be supportive, understanding, encouraging and accepting without being assertive or admonishing. In an age where ideas are progressive and thoughts are liberal, being a parent is as difficult as being a child.

When improvisation is key

Gopal Midha
The pandemic has been difficult, challenging and tough for the world. People have had to find new ways of functioning and surviving. Educational institutions that were so firmly entrenched and comfortable in the old ways of learning and doing, like everyone and everything else, were also shaken out of their inertia. This was an opportunity for them to stop, reflect and rethink their ways of working. Sad as it may be that not many have been able to shed their old beliefs to think anew, there have been stories of ingenuity, innovation and individual brilliance in the world of education. Teacher Plus takes a look at how school leaders have steered their institutions through this pandemic.

Rethinking sports in schools

Dhruva Desai
How can sports be taught in schools with greater sensitivity? While it is known that sports, especially organized sport, can bring about conflict between the playing teams, this is generally swept under the carpet and the jingoism and hatred that comes about can have a serious impact. Therefore, it is essential that physical aspects of any game be taught with discussions about group behavior and team membership. Post- game debriefs and reflections must be an important part of any sport.

Leaders learn leadership by leading life

Aditi Mathur and Ratnesh Mathur
All of us are leaders in some form or the other. But do we let children lead themselves? Why do adults end up putting obstacles in their children’s path to growth? This article celebrates leadership in children by the children themselves. Here are three stories on leadership by three children with their own views and ideas on how to lead.

Books in the time of COVID

Anshumalika Rai and Nimesh Ved
The pandemic struck different chords in different ways. When schools remained open with only teachers attending, what brought them together and how did they reconnect? From books, music, poetry, as well as having fun – the teachers did it all. This was the effect of the Book Room that was started with a lot of promise and enthusiasm to get children and teachers to read together.