Loaded Words

Kamakshi Balasubramanian

Always think before you speak. When we use words like “deaf ears”, “lame excuse”, etc. we should remember that these are words that could cause hurt to people.

Compassion in the time of crisis

Megha Radhakrishnan

The unprecedented floods that Chennai witnessed in December 2015 affected every person in the country in some way. Here is a teacher’s account from Chennai on how her school and children dealt with the tragedy.

Analyzing disruptive behaviour

Neeraja Raghavan

Continuing with the discussion on how to handle restless or hyperactive children in class, this article looks at specific reasons that could be the cause of a child’s restlessness in class and what strategies a teacher could use to keep the child engaged.

Like a breath of fresh air

Arun Elassery

One would believe that Islamic education and Montessori methods wouldn’t go hand in hand. But if Aneesa and Hauroon Jamal thought along the same lines then this unique school, The Al Qamar International Academy wouldn’t have been born.

The world of kingfishers

Geetha Iyer

Unless you are a nature lover, you miss the colourful world that you are living in. If you stop for a minute and let yourself be enthralled by nature, you will realize what you have been missing and how much you can learn. Here’s a look at the world of kingfishers.

Shoshit Samadhan Kendra: A school with a view

Avantika Sinha

When a government school in the neighbourhood was forced to stop taking in children from a lower caste background, Jyothi Kumar Sinha, a police constable, who was responsible for sending the Mushar children to the government school, decided to start a school of his own.

Developing multiperspectivity: A lesson from the Mopla Rebellion

Avinash Kumar

When learning history we all know that we are reading biased accounts of the past. Accounts of history are always coloured by the historian’s views. So then what we know of history is only partly true. It is very important that we teach children how to collate their own knowledge about history not from one single perspective but from different perspectives.

What did you ask a teacher to be?

Vandana Singh

When candidates are chosen as teachers, what qualities exactly do schools look for in them? Do they choose prospective teachers based on their general knowledge? Or because they display skills that tell the school that this candidate can work with children? From her personal experience the author tells readers why the way schools select their teachers is very disturbing.

Be upfront, not subtle

Pooja Birwatkar

How do you sensitize children about gender issues? One solution that NCF 2005 came up with was to remove sexist bias in textbooks. But is that solution enough?

Learning to question and questioning to learn

Ravindra P N

Questioning is very important in the learning process, but do we encourage our students to question in class? Here are a few ways you can teach children to ask you and themselves thinking questions.