A visit remembered

S. Mundayoor
We called him ‘Nata’, ‘grandfather’ in our language, for he was quite friendly with our parents, having known them closely right from their early schooling days. In his younger days ‘Nata’ was a social worker and used to travel across our Himalayan state, visiting schools and spending days with teachers and students.

Along the back roads of memory

Sunanda Ali
When I look back on my school days, a series of fragmented images come to mind. Maybe it was because of my discontinuous schooling (my father had a transferable job and we shifted every two years, which meant that I went to seven schools in total!) but I cannot remember one or even a few teachers who influenced me or changed the direction of my life.

Inspiration from a multitude

C. Rama Devi
When I go back to identify that one soul who transformed my learning into wisdom, it is quite difficult. Not that I never had inspiring teachers, yet it will be too much for me to give the whole and sole credit to one person.

My teacher, my mirror

Chintan Girish Modi
He is one of the greatest teachers the world has ever known, yet it takes some courage to claim him as my own. I guess I have a tendency to court the ones who challenge me, and the ones who broaden my perception of what love is. But this man, I tell you, is relentless.

Teachers inspire future teachers

Ekta Singla
Have you come across people whom you could listen to hours on end and hang on to their every word? So much so that you feel pain, joy and fear all at once. It seems like in those few moments, you’ve lived a lifetime. What is it that makes them interesting? In one word – experience!

Teachers who made a difference

Sujata Bhonsale
Often, as we reflect on our time in school, many of us invariably remember our teachers and their influence on our lives, both academically and personally.

She changed my world

Sudha Mahajan
Sitting in my classroom in class 10, the senior most class of the school, we felt we owned the world. It was Monday morning and we were chattering non-stop, when the door gently opened. The room went silent, and we all looked up and saw standing at the door a tall, middle-aged, fair, smiling, Irish nun.

Giving roots and wings

P. Ajitha
Of all the teachers who have left an indelible impression and imprint on my professional life as an educator, Mr. L. Bashkar tops the list. Tall, bespectacled with a ‘towering personality’ his presence literally filled the room he strode into!

Learning and growing… beyond the textbook

Lamia Bagasrawala
The word ‘teacher’ often comes loaded with many ideas, stereotypes and adjectives. A teacher is often associated with being kind, generous, loving, nurturing, supportive, and most importantly a noble person who helps you become the best version of yourself.

From flame to flame

Subha Das Mollick
A teacher- student relationship is almost always inspirational. Everyone has a favourite teacher and also those who were not liked. Years later, these relationships continue to be cherished and there is a lot of respect and affection for individuals who mentored us . But some teacher-student relationships are legendary, like the one between Fr. Eugene Lafont and Jagdish Chandra Bose who is known as the father of modern science in India. This article gives us a glimpse into their relationship.