Occupational hazards

Just 10 years ago, teaching was considered the “safest” job that women could enter into. But the recent guresome murder of the Chennai school teacher has brought to light the several dangers that teachers have to battle every day while carrying on with their work. While the news may appear more “American” in nature, this is not the first time that a teacher in India has been killed. Schools unfortunately are turning into battlegrounds for the powerful to fight for their own ideologies and causes, and falling on the wayside are teachers, students and education itself.

A myth called child

Aditi Mathur and Ratnesh Mathur

Beginning with the March issue, Aditi Mathur and Ratnesh Mathur are writing a series of articles breaking down popular myths related to children and learning. This first article encourages readers to stop propagating this myth of the child and childhood. Want to know why childhood is a myth? Read the article.

With a roll of the dice

Sushma Rana

Using a little bit of imagination, creativity and a few dice here are some fun educational games for the primary classes.

Sick of school?

Manaswini Sridhar

Does your child fall sick regularly? Does he/she miss many days at school? What do you do? How do you make it easy for your child to tide over the frequent breaks? Manaswini Sridhar gives you the prescription.

All about sulfur

Yasmin Jayathirtha

Through this month’s column, the author shares with her readers simple experiments using sulfur that will help students understand the element better.

A family affair


Every family has a tale to tell and every family can teach us something. Here are some ideas around the concept of family that you can use in different classrooms and at different levels.

Debating the Lokpal Bill

Rohini Oomman

Lately there has been a lot of fervour surrounding the Lokpal Bill. Anna Hazare and his team have come up with an alternative Jan Lokpal Bill. The media is bringing in experts to discuss, debate and write on this issue. Why not use this opportunity to get your own students to think, voice and debate the Lokpal Bill in the classroom?

Infusing ICTs into the curriculum

Rittu Abichandani

The major players in the field of education have all agreed that technology will enhance the learning experience. Now it is important that steps are taken to infuse technology into the curriculum to get teachers to accept this new role of technology in education just as easily as they accept textbooks.

Learning creative writing – step by step!

Nandini Nayar

Good writing is a skill that needs to be encouraged and developed and Cheryl Rao’s series of 8 books called Fun with creative writing attempts to do just that. Rao’s instructions are easy to follow and make writing seem not like a chore but a fun activity. She helps children begin at the beginning and blossom into young creative writers by the end of the 8th book.

Portraits from two different worlds

Amit Deshwal

A simple experiment that this author conducted with children from a rural school led him to ask thought-provoking questions on the education system that we are working in.