Museums as learning spaces

Nimesh Ved

Let us not relegate museums to the itenerary of the tourist alone. Being a storehouse of knowledge, museums can become wonderful learning spaces for the interested.

Yes, it is my school

Jeny Rapheal

A sense of responsibility comes with ownership. If schools want their teachers to give them their best, then schools have to create a feeling of “mine-ness” among their staff. And how can they do that? Here are a few suggestions.

Indian Education in urgent need of rebooting

Jose Puthenpurackel, SDB

The world is advancing at a fast pace, but our education system is stuck in history. With everything else around us is changing, the education system too needs an overhaul to produce competent individuals who can succeed in life tomorrow.

The utopia of the untrained mind

Sharjeel Ahmed

When doctors, lawyers and engineers have to be professionals, why then do we sometimes overlook this fact when we employ teachers?

Acharya devo bhava

Manaswini Sridhar

When society itself seems to have lost its regard and respect for teachers, can we expect our children to be respectful towards their teachers? Teachers continue to do the same job today as they did once upon a time. In fact their responsibilities have only increased. So while we may have very good and not so good teachers, let us give them the respect they deserve.

The digital road in ESL teaching*

Arun Khevariya

The road to learning a foreign language is not an easy one, but with the aid of digital technology it can most certainly be made less rocky.

The evaporation of ideas

Alex M Thomas

Jotting down notes is an important practice that every learner must inculcate, for it is these notes that can lead to better understanding and development of ideas.

Solute, solvent and solution – I

Avneesh Shukla

Understanding the terms, ‘solute’, ‘solvent’, and ‘solution’ through a couple of experiments were the girls of this government school in Uttarkashi.

Open a world of reading

Jayshree Murali

This is a beautiful journey of a group of children, aided by a few helpful adults, learning poetry and going on to publish their own book of poems.

An emotional safety net

Fiona Vaz

In a world that is fast becoming selfish, indifferent, and hateful of others, it is important that we bring up emotionally healthy children who understand and experience their emotions undeterred, for only then can they begin to understand the other.