Gamification in learning

Kishor Nikhare

If you have observed children play, you will notice that they have a lot of fun even as they gain many life skills such as working together as a team, problem-solving, etc. Why don’t we try using games to teach them math and English too?

What do you do in your kitchen?

Sandhya Deshpande
If you have answered the above question with “cook”, then you are not using your kitchen optimally. Every kitchen is a mini school and if we take some time to think we can find all the subjects we teach in school right there in our kitchens. So wear your aprons, hold your spoons and spatulas and bring your children into the kitchen.

Befriending ancient art

How does a book on a place like Mammallapuram take shape? How can an author, who also happens to be a ‘teacher’, weave together his appreciation for sculpture art, fascination for history and love for children?

A wealth of treasure to dip into

Urvashi Nangia
We need to revive the reading culture. But which books do we begin with? Which of the many books do we pick up for our children? Tata Trust’s initiative, the Parag Honour List is the answer to these questions. The list brings out the best of children’s books in English and Indian languages every year.

Harnessing the power of technology

Deepika Venkatesh
If you are looking to enhance the teaching-learning experience for your students and are wondering how, here are a few tools.

A new discourse about disability

Chintan Girish Modi
Here is a book that lays bare the indignities that people with disabilities have to tolerate on an everyday basis. Divided into seven sections, there are autobiographical accounts that provide a glimpse of what self-representation means to people with disabilities. The book also contains narratives that put the spotlight on parents, educators, and caregivers of people with disabilities.

In harmony with nature

Chintan Girish Modi
Stories are perhaps the most beautiful ways of ensuring that important messages reach people, both adults and children. Mita Bordoloi’s picture book Bumoni’s Banana Trees is an endearing tale of how a little girl finds a solution to a human-animal conflict. Through the story the book also passes on the message of sustainable living.

To a librarian, with love

Chintan Girish Modi
Thammi’s Gift is a rare children’s book that addresses both grief and joy without any over-simplification. The book acknowledges children’s feelings on the death of a grandparent. It is a tribute to a pioneering Indian librarian, Bandana Sen. It is also a useful resource for adults.