Nriching our virtual classrooms!

Krittika Hazra
Finding good resources for classroom use is not easy when there is so much available on the internet. Therefore, when we find good resources it is important that we share them. Here is a website you will find useful in the math classroom.

The marvellous world of chemical compounds

Hanza George, Mursaleen Shaikh and Savita Ladage
Chemistry is one subject that is delinked from everyday life when it is taught in formal schools. Most textbooks are abstract in nature and students have very few opportunities to explore experimental activities and materials. As a solution, here are some resources in the form of leaflets about some interesting chemical compounds and highlighting their connections to our lives.

One word that can change your life

Fareen Wahid
If you are looking for something new, fun and exciting to do with your students, why not give them the one word challenge?

Giving peace education a fillip

Chintan Girish Modi
If you are a peace educator looking for teaching resources, then the book, A thousand cranes for India: Reclaiming plurality amid hatred is not something you should miss. A compilation of 23 pieces of text, the book will help you engage with several socio-political issues, facilitate discussion and provoke reflection.

For your bookshelf

Chintan Girish Modi
Animal stories always catch children’s attention. Whether to introduce them to the nature around, or to initiate them into the habit of reading or to teach them about animals here are three books that will be useful.

How leaders make themselves

Chintan Girish Modi
We have all heard about leadership training for teachers. But does this training extend to the students in the classroom as well? What do students look for in a class leader? Leadership can mean different things to different people. The Little Leaders series of books can be a value addition to your school library, apart from inspiring conversations about young people who followed their dreams despite all odds.

How to teach critical thinking

Chintan Girish Modi
We all like our classrooms to be peaceful, quiet and harmonious. As far as possible, we discourage dissent, disagreement and arguements especially related to the lessons they are learning. But then, are we training our students for life? By being passive and obedient listeners in class, are we crushing their spirit of enquiry? Let us give our students a voice in the classroom today, so that they can speak loud and clear when they need to in life tomorrow.

Lockdown lessons from a Netflix show

Chintan Girish Modi
For a change, here is something that teachers will love to follow up on. A Netflix show revolving around the life of a teenager named Sam Gardner –who lives with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Since there is very little awareness among educators about the needs of students with disabilities, this show will help them to make an effort to sensitize themselves.

Treasures linked to geography

CIPAM team
This article explores a community IP right known as Geographical Indication. GIs are an IP Right that extend protection to mainly agricultural, natural or manufactured products such as handicrafts and industrial items produced in a certain geographical area. How can teachers get their students interested in GIs so that they get to know more about their country’s treasure trove?