Adversity is the best teacher

Anuradha C
The last year and a half has been extremely tough going for the adults with loss of jobs, skewed work-life balance, pay cuts and most of all loss of lives. But we should know that it has not been any less anxious for our children. Their lives have been turned upside down and yet every challenge brings with it an opportunity. What lessons are our children learning through this pandemic?

The glories and perils of student activism

Anuradha C
You know that a democracy is alive when its young population, students, actively participate in the political process. Technological advancements have helped student activism move beyond university campuses. With students not shy of voicing their opinions any longer, it is important that they choose their battles and choose them for the right reasons.

Fraud-free exams in the time of remote learning

Anuradha C
How can exams be conducted in a remote learning environment and also ensure that there is no cheating? The answer lies in proctored examinations. How do they work? This article figures it all for you.

Energizing and enlivening the online class

Anuradha C
It is now almost the end of the academic year, and teachers have spent it teaching online. While most have learnt the basics of online teaching by now, not all have been able to teach like they did in physical classrooms. Here are a few tips on how you can bring your online classes alive.

Coding for kids – how soon is too soon?

Anuradha C
Is coding for children the next big thing? Seeing the push for learning coding right from an early age by corporates and parents as well, it is time to sound a word of caution. Children need to learn other things such as compassion, kindness, or even relating to the people around them, rather than jump headlong into coding. Parents will do well to heed this note of caution and make a wise choice.

DIY steps for the digital world

Anuradha C
In the new normal of online classes now, some teachers have been able to take that leap into the digital world, while some others are still taking baby steps and are bewildered by all the technology around them. This article has plenty of DIY tips that teachers can implement for themselves and make their online classes less of an ordeal.

The challenge of the exceptional

Anuradha C
While educating children with learning disabilities brings with it a fair amount of problems, the task of dealing with children having above normal learning capabilities is equally challenging. Both inside and outside the classroom, these children with a high IQ are unable to blend with their peer group and thus remain ’outsiders’. It is up to the teacher and the parent to engage and inspire these fast learners so that their future is taken care of.

Educating the special child

Anuradha C
Imparting formal education to little ones is among the foremost challenges of adult human society. Simply because we are trying to play God.

Individual vs collective learning

Anuradha C
With every activity in life shifting to a contactless mode due to the pandemic, is it time to reset the education button? The first visible signs are the mushrooming of online classes and webinars but can education really be delivered from a distance?

The scope of initiative

Navya Iyer Kannan
What is learning? Is it merely what happens in a school, in the classroom? Does it stop when one graduates? Is it something that only teachers can inspire in us? These are just few of the many unasked questions about learning and consequently, education itself.