Five ways to support the wellbeing of school leaders

Radhika Zahedi
School leaders are expected to ensure that their schools run smoothly. They have to create a happy and safe environment for their teachers and students. They have to be able to be able to tackle the problems that come along. But who is to take care of the school leader?

Mobile phone in the classroom

Dr Pooja Birwatkar
School education before COVID = Teacher + Students
School education after COVID = Teacher + Students + Smart Phones
This revised equation has brought with it major changes and challenges. How are we dealing with these changes and challenges?

Healthful lessons

Pragya Mathur Kumar
If the school is responsible for the overall development of a child, then it must consider creating an environment that will lead to healthy bodies and healthy minds. Here’s why and how schools, teachers, and parents must work together to bring up healthy children.

Good management: key to progressive schools

Seema Satti
Teachers are the heart of any school and the least we can do for them is to provide them with an environment that allows her the freedom to do her work and one that treats her well. Here are a few management practices that schools can follow to create a happy work environment.

Leveraging parental engagement

Meena Sriram
Every child has two worlds – the home and the school. It is widely agreed that when these two worlds come together, the child benefits immensely. Parent-teacher meetings are the time when the parents and the school usually come together. But these meetings are not very effective in building relationships. So how else can schools involve the parents?

An anti-bullying strategy

Dahunlyne Shylla, Kavita V. Jangam, Preeti Jacob
Bullying is a widely prevalent problem in schools and yet there are no robust solutions in place to tackle it. The first step towards handling bullying is for schools to acknowledge its existence and then work as a unit to find comprehensive, holistic and inclusive solutions.

What it takes to make a good school

Atul Bhandari
It takes a lot to keep a school running smoothly. All the cogs in the wheel have to work properly to help the wheel move in the right direction. A look at some of the things that can go wrong in the running of the school and how we can take care of these problems.

How to teach students to not give up on life

Anindita Bhattacharya

As educators and teachers, our duty to our students does not end with us fulfilling our academic responsibilities. In these highly volatile times with adolescents, especially, becoming more and more vulnerable and succumbing to outside pressures, we have to be on the alert and provide them with the care and support they need to fight adversities and stress.

“…absent, miss!”

Absentiesm is a chronic problem, especially in rural schools whose students often have to decide between going to school and working to earn a living. Can we think of innovative solutions to help such students stay in school?

Leading by example

Rubina Majid

It is not just the role of the teacher but also that of the principal that is changing. Meet the new-age principal.