Question of the Week

B R Sitaram Here are the answers to last month’s questions! Q 1. Lunar calendars are based on 30-day months and 12 such months give you only 360 days. Does this create a problem? How is it solved? A. It Read More …

The thorny, prickly tree

Phyllis Farias
An interesting article on the lessons one can draw from the growth of a lime tree and the way in which children learn

How long for the little Picasso?

Pooja Birwatkar
Is the rangoli art form only for girls? What if some boys were equally interested in this amazing art? Will they be sidelined and what happens to all the talk about gender equality? When will schools actually realize what gender equality is in its real essence? This article is a must –read.

Learner centred strategies

Hanza George, Rasika Bhujbalrao, Savita Ladage and Sugra Chunawala
What is Active Learning and how can it be integrated with classroom learning? This article explains how teacher professional development programmes present opportunities for in-service teachers to engage themselves with teaching-learning methods/strategies and appropriate activities/instructional materials that can be used for active engagement of the learner.

This heritage resource is a mixed bag

Nimesh Ved
The UNESCO series of five books on five heritage sites offers interesting nuggets of history and would certainly appeal to young readers. Here is review.

A moving memoir

Amrita Patwardhan
Here is a book that is highly recommended for teachers and librarians. Apart from being an interesting read, the book can be useful additional material in a language or social science classroom.

1089 and the beauty of palindromes

Neeraj Naidu
A math teacher can see beauty in numbers, but obviously students do not. Math always brings on the boring looks on the faces of children. But can there be a lighter side to numbers that can be more interesting and entertaining? Palindromes is a fun way of engaging with numbers.

Autonomy and empowerment

P. Ajitha
How can institutions ensure that teachers channelize their creative energies into the teaching- learning process so that they feel empowered? Here are ten ways to lift the spirits of teachers which will give them the much needed boost and the elusive satisfaction as well.

Dealing with body image issues

Shivani Mathur Gaiha and Spandana Kommuri
Here are some ideas on how teachers can deal with body image issues that their students may face.

Buildings talk… structures teach!

Meera Bhuvanesh
Buildings tend to inspire strong emotions in many of us. A temple or a church may give us a sense of peace while a more stately structure might inspire awe in us. But have you thought how buildings and architecture can also offer a world of learning possibilities? When children study about buildings, they can draw upon different fields of knowledge —- from math and history to art and design.