The green school

C Rama Devi
The damage being caused to the environment is of great concern and the need to conserve and increase the green cover is immediate. By putting into action a green vision for the school, this school from Hyderabad is raising sensitive and concerned children who will hopefully use the lessons they learnt in school to make a greener tomorrow.

Celebrating languages

C Rama Devi
Learning does not happen only inside classrooms, in fact a lot of it happens outside. And that is why this school in Hyderabad plans year-long activities such as spell bees, drama, recitation, writing competitions to help their students learn different languages in a fun way.

Building a ‘valu(e)’able generation

C Rama Devi
We want our children to be the best in academics, sports, arts and every other facet of life. While we do everything we can to help our children achieve their goals, we often forget to give them one very important thing that will help them in life-values. Here are a few practices and ideas that the author’s school follows to ensure that the students here grow up knowing their values.

The ‘XYZ’ of today’s generation

C Rama Devi
Of all the different relationships we experience as human beings, the relationship between a grandparent and grandchild is perhaps the most selfless and strongest. In order to celebrate this bond and to help today’s generation understand the value of this relationship, this school observes Grandparents Day. Here’s what they do.

A bag full of fun

C Rama Devi
One of the most ubiquitous items found in a school is the school bag, stuffed to capacity, almost parting at the seams. What if there was at least one day when you didn’t have to carry your school bag to school? This thought gave birth to the No School Bag Day in this school. Here’s what the students do when they don’t take their bags to school.

A treehouse of learning

C. Rama Devi
When you have an enthusiastic principal, a group of excited children and teachers willing to experiment what you get is a treehouse in your very own school. Here’s how this group of people in a school came together, worked and learnt a lot over building a treehouse.

A village in our school

Rama Devi
Colourful dresses, a song and a dance are not the only ways to celebrate festivals in school. This school came up with a unique idea of celebrating the festival of Sankranti earlier this year–an idea that blended learning with fun.

Rapport to reign over

S Muralidharan

The quality of teaching depends a lot on the student-teacher rapport. Here are a few ideas to build a strong bond with your students.

Working together for a common goal

A principal of an alternative school writes about the challenges she faces especially in special education and her interaction with families and parents.

The joy of teaching/learning

Traffic jams during school hours was a problem that needed immediate attention. The author outlines how a few practical steps taken in consultation with parents and students reaped rich dividends.