What language should children learn in?

What do you have to say about the introduction of a new language in the first years of a child’s education? “How relevant is the BEd to your teaching practice?” How do teachers cope with teaching in turbulent times? Dealing Read More …

Theme-based special issue

Teacher Plus brings out two theme-based special issues every year. The May-June issue, coming as it does during vacation time, is devoted to one theme, i.e. curriculum-based issues, topics and activities. The other special issue comes out every December focusing Read More …

The environmental crisis and education

The global environmental crisis is a serious problem and there is consensus that the problem needs to be addressed quickly. Education has a significant role in responding to the environmental crisis, but to be an effective solution education has to be re-oriented.

Learning for life

Like most other subjects, environmental education is confined to the textbooks with little or no practical knowledge.

Take a bite of this fruit!

S Upendran

Have you ever counted the number of expressions the apple has inspired in the english language? Find a few ‘apple inspired’ expressions here.

The 20-minute Workout at Work

Spine stretch Increases flexibility and circulation in entire spine; improves eyesight Sit on the front half of your chair. Place your left hand on the outside of your right knee and hook your right arm over the back of the Read More …

Comics as an educational aid?

Manaswini Sridhar A picture is worth a thousand words. We have heard this saying frequently and we tend to agree with it. As teachers and parents, we strongly believe that reading stories aloud to children and discussing the illustrations in Read More …

Mr. Happy’s Treasure

Sheela Ramakrishnan and Rajika Dhiren Stinger, Leggy, Beady and Speedbird were waiting eagerly for their teacher, Mr. Happy to come in. He gave them such interesting things to do. “Today we will go on a treasure hunt,” said Mr. Happy, Read More …