Learning by doing: Research within the curriculum

Anamika Sharma and Vismitha B G
How can research projects play a crucial role in science learning? How can they enable both students / researchers and teachers / mentors to broaden their perspectives, to gain in-depth knowledge, be creative and to be relevant to the world beyond their classrooms?

TREAT – Theatre for Reinforcing Education And Teaching

Kalpana Sharma
When you learn language, unless you constantly use it, what you have learnt is easily forgotten. This is a problem that language teachers often encounter. We teach students grammar, vocabulary, sentence structures, but don’t provide them with opportunities to apply what they have learnt. This English teacher found a solution in using theatre to help children internalize what they learnt in their English language classes.

Making the classroom more interesting

Manasi Kanetkar and Ambika Aiyadurai
How can we make the classrooms more interesting and relevant for the students? Can we help the students connect better with the ‘real’ world with help of activities like group-work, field-trips and role-plays?

Circle of learning

Deepika Nandal
Circle time is a wonderful teaching aid to nurture. Whether it is to break concepts down for children, or allow them time to reflect, or resolve conflicts, make circle time your go-to strategy.

Mathematics as a muscle memory

Vignesh M
This teacher and his school found a perfect solution to a sedentary lifestyle in this innovative practice of teaching math.

A ‘comical’ journey in the history classroom

Mangalam Narayanan and Lakshmi Madhusudan
It is not just the students but teachers too get bored doing the same things over and over. If you are tired of setting question papers in the same old way, here is a fun way to set question papers for history.

Intertwining theatre and learning

Sanjhee Gianchandani
Traditional teaching methods don’t hold a student’s attention for long. And when students are not attentive, they don’t retain what they have learnt. So how can a teacher make her classes engaging enough to allow students to imbibe what they are learning? Have you tried theatre yet?

Students as Futurists: Imagination in the classroom

Ketaki Chowkhani and Kushal Sohal
What happens when a group of students is asked to imagine a utopian scenario vis-à-vis gender and sexuality; asked to move beyond text books and get creative. To let their imagination run wild as they envisaged a better world. Can the students think beyond the immediate? Can they bring a shift in the way they think?