Caught between two worlds

Pawan Singh
From home to school and back, classroom to sports ground and back, and then finally to the examination hall, a child travels various distances to be finally considered “educated”.

Libraries can be fun

Chintan Girish Modi In most conceptions of school and places of organized learning, a library is central. In India, where many schools lack even a blackboard (or a teacher!), a library of any description is perhaps considered a luxury. Even Read More …

Bag to the Future?

Nandini Nayar Sometime in June, when most schools reopen for the new academic year, you will spot at least a couple of photographs in the newspaper of small children bowed down under the weight of their enormous school bags. Accompanied Read More …

School’s Out, for Summer!

Pavitra Rao
“In the summer time…,” a song blasts from the radio, while you start your day leisurely, sitting down with a hot cup of coffee in your hand, reading the newspaper to catch up on your daily dose of the news.

Lend Me Your Ears

Zeba Raziunnisa
For years we have been grappling with issues of poor performers, bullied kids, distressed students and teen suicides, but the recent spate of school violence has catapulted a pressing concern into the limelight – Where are we heading?

Multiple intelligences: seven ways to approach curriculum

Thomas Armstrong
I don’t remember how I learned to tell time. So, when I was asked by a Wisconsin school district to develop a multiple intelligences way of teaching time to a group of first graders, I was initially stymied.

Discipline or Punish?

Nandini Nayar
What is the role of punishment in inculcating discipline in children today?

One for All, All for One

Manju Gupta
Many of us bemoan the fact that education has become too fiercely competitive, that the process of learning receives less attention than the product that we are contributing to a cut-throat culture where achievement means everything and understanding almost nothing.

Two Decades on…

Twenty years later… what can one say about a struggling magazine in search of a readership except thank you, to those who believed in us at the start, to those who continue to believe in us, and to those who, Read More …

Get the numbers right

It’s summer again, with everything it brings – the heat, the dust, the mangoes, sugarcane juice… and best of all, holidays! But it is also a time of preparation, of cleaning out the old cupboards and readying them for new Read More …