Setting up peer and self assessment

Sudha Mahajan
When the pandemic struck and schools had closed down, how did teachers ensure that students of the primary grade learnt as perfectly as they did in the classroom? Most teachers started using peer and self-assessment. Here is a handy method that teachers can even now use so that students become effective self-assessors.

Building collaborative ideation

Anisha Malhotra Dalvi
Most problems in the world today need creative solutions. We need to train our children to start thinking differently so that they can come up with unique solutions to the world’s problems. Here are a couple of simple ideas that will not only help your students think creatively but also encourage collaborative ideation.

Teaching to remember

Preetika Chandna
Memory plays a huge role in the study life of a student. Teachers are tasked with explaining concepts to students. However, the burden of remembering falls on the student. Can teachers play a role in enhancing memory and retention of the student? This article suggests 5 techniques through which teachers can structure their lessons to help students remember better.

Avatar – transforming learning

Fareen Wahid

With technology coming out with newer and newer ways of engaging in the classroom, here is one more way of how you can use virtual tools to transact your lessons.

Simple inclusive strategies

J. S. Sudhir Markham
Learning in the classroom can be quite a challenge for students with an intellectual disability. It is up to the teachers to ensure that certain changes are made to accommodate the child’s learning needs. Here are a few tips to help the teacher make the necessary changes.

A tool for emotional wellbeing

Chandragupta Mishra

It is not always that you need expensive equipment or fancy gadgets to teach. Sometimes even a simple diary will do. Getting your students into the habit of writing a diary will help you achieve two things—improve their writing skills and keep their emotional health in good condition.

Bringing empathy into the classroom

Deepali Barapatre
How can teachers bring empathy into their classrooms so that students learn to build better social relationships, become better listeners, lead with compassion and be happier in life? Here are some activities that can serve as energizers before the class begins or can even be integrated into any subject or language class. This way there will be more magical moments for the teacher and the students.