School assemblies: digging dipper

Kavitha Ghosh
School assemblies have an educative purpose, but for various reasons, the purpose has been diluted, and what is left now is mere pomp and show. This article suggests how assemblies can be made more lively and engaging .

Of musical echoes

A comparative study on Western and Indian music and the impact of music on students’ achievements showed some heartening results. A school in Chennai which carried out this study is now planning to integrate music into the curriculum to reap the advantage of the findings. Read on to know what the students say.

Theatre in education

Does theatre have any place in a school? Beyond spicing up annual days can dramas and plays be anything more? Here’s taking a look at where theatre in education stands in India.

Let’s make time for art

With increasing pressure on schools and children to perfom well in competitive exams, no school seems to have time to even inculcate appreciate for the performing arts. We need to realize that a lot of learning can happen through the arts as well. Read to find out why you need to introduce the arts in your school or if you already have created some time for it how best you can utilize it.

Break the Ice

Shalini B It is your first day back at school, you enter your class and see a lot of old faces smiling at you and a few new ones looking a little lost. You don’t want to launch into a Read More …

The A to Zee of a class magazine

Cheryl Rao Teachers and schools are well-acquainted with the intricacies, difficulties and rewards of bringing out the annual school magazine. But what about the sheer joy of a handmade, informal class magazine on a quarterly or monthly basis? This could Read More …

Children’s Day Out

Sujata C A field trip is a big event in the school life of every primary class child. It is a school day with a difference, like an extended recess period, and hence popular with all children. When there are Read More …