School as a safe space

Manasi Gunjikar
Teachers act as children’s guardians at school. They need to be trained on the laws that protect children from sexual offences. This can lead to essential changes in the ways teachers interact with children, in the ways schools function.

Teacher etiquette

Anubha Rawat
A teacher makes a good professional not only when she teaches her subject well but also when she conducts herself well. Young children are impressionable and keen observers and therefore a teacher has to always be alert to her actions and words.

The many routes to handling conflict

Anuja Venkataraman
Smoothing, compromising, forcing, withdrawing, problem solving — which of these conflict strategies will you choose if you get into a conflict with your colleague?

Lessons in lesson planning

Surabhi Agarwal
Lesson Plans are an important and basic part of a well-designed curriculum that help in running smooth classes which also have meaningful activities and discussions. Planned lessons are easy to revise, recap, and summarize. Also, they help in minimizing the learning loss caused due to teacher absenteeism as it makes substitutions more meaningful. Here are some tips for teachers on how they can map out their ideas.

The teacher as a data-driven decision maker

Indira Subramanian
Data literacy has never been as important as it is in today’s digital world. Even if data was accessible, teachers are not aware how they can use it in their day-to-day lesson planning and instructional methods. Now, however, making use of information from various sources and deploying them carefully in the classroom must be an essential toolkit of the teacher. Here is an overview of data-driven decision making and how it can be used for analysis.

That extra something: beyond teaching

B. Ajitha
The educational reforms mooted in the NEP call for a re-orientation in teachers’ approach to the teaching-learning process and also a sustained effort to go beyond what is now being done. The first step is to have a robust teacher training programme that will help teachers to re-learn the tricks of the trade so that their teaching remains relevant and meaningful.

Learner centred strategies

Hanza George, Rasika Bhujbalrao, Savita Ladage and Sugra Chunawala
What is Active Learning and how can it be integrated with classroom learning? This article explains how teacher professional development programmes present opportunities for in-service teachers to engage themselves with teaching-learning methods/strategies and appropriate activities/instructional materials that can be used for active engagement of the learner.

TPD programs in Tibetan schools

Tenzin Dhargyal
Teachers in Tibetan schools have increasingly taken to participating in professional development programs where collaborative practices such as peer teaching, study groups etc have helped them in improving their own teaching methodologies.

Taking workshop lessons into the classroom

Ravinarayan Chakrakodi
A workshop for government school teachers on teaching English met with a huge response according to a survey. Apparently the training seems to have developed the teachers’ fluency in English to a great deal and they learnt to use additional TLM like charts, cards and pictures.

Reading to teach

Nidhi Gaur
How can you teach children to read? Simple. By learning to read and enjoying reading yourself.