Learner centred strategies

Hanza George, Rasika Bhujbalrao, Savita Ladage and Sugra Chunawala
What is Active Learning and how can it be integrated with classroom learning? This article explains how teacher professional development programmes present opportunities for in-service teachers to engage themselves with teaching-learning methods/strategies and appropriate activities/instructional materials that can be used for active engagement of the learner.

TPD programs in Tibetan schools

Tenzin Dhargyal
Teachers in Tibetan schools have increasingly taken to participating in professional development programs where collaborative practices such as peer teaching, study groups etc have helped them in improving their own teaching methodologies.

Taking workshop lessons into the classroom

Ravinarayan Chakrakodi
A workshop for government school teachers on teaching English met with a huge response according to a survey. Apparently the training seems to have developed the teachers’ fluency in English to a great deal and they learnt to use additional TLM like charts, cards and pictures.

Reading to teach

Nidhi Gaur
How can you teach children to read? Simple. By learning to read and enjoying reading yourself.

Looking inwards through drama

Lamia Bagasrawala
A Mumbai- based school has come up with a novel initiative to create a space for teachers to introspect, share their teaching experiences, celebrate their success stories, explore, learn and grow individually and as a cohesive group. And all this is done through creative movement and drama exercises! Read on to get an idea of these reflection meetings as they are called.

Massive learning opportunities

Kavita Krishna

Massive Open Online Courses have made it possible for teachers and students living several countries apart to meet and learn from each other not one but a variety of different subjects and topics. A teacher writes about how MOOCs have helped her grow professionally.

Why we need to keep learning

Padmaja Narsipur
This article explains why teachers must actively seek Continuous Professional Development opportunities to maintain their currency and keep their professional skills updated despite hectic work schedules.

Enhancing teacher capital

Rubina Majid

You don’t become a doctor unless you go through years of training. You don’t become a lawyer unless you apprentice under someone. To bring professionalism into teaching, a B.Ed degree alone won’t do. It is important that teachers also are trained.

So, what do you think?

Divya Choudary

Feedback is an extremely necessary if you want to be a good teacher. How can you gather feedback about you as a teacher? Here’s how.

Nurturing professional growth

Nivedita Bedadur
How can one bring about awareness among teachers that they need to drive their own growth? How can one support motivated teachers in remote and rural areas? While there are are many initiatives which have impacted small pockets, there are other informal spaces that need to be institutionalised to nurture professional growth and individual enterprise.