Matters of the head and heart

Is there a secret ingredient that transforms an average teacher into a good teacher? Are our training programmes designed to impart the necessary qualities to students training to be teachers? What makes some teachers more successful and popular? While each teacher has to develop her own right mix of qualities to succeed, the one thing that every teacher needs is the ability to think with her heart and not just her head.

What I learn from my teaching

Pradita Nambiar

Creating a set list of qualities that a teacher must have is a futile exercise, for a good teacher is someone who continues to evolve through her professional life by observing her students and developing practices that suit the needs of the many children under her care.

Responsiveness: to context, content and community

Kamakshi Balasubramanian

There are three essential qualities that all teachers must possess–a complete mastery over their subject, a knowledge of their students, and the ability to learn from each other.

Facets of teacher growth

Kavita Krishna

Every teacher who is considered good functions at three levels–the practical, the intellectual and the spiritual. Using different strategies to teach, a thorough knowledge of her subject and her personality.

The privilege of teaching

Sunanda Ali

Whether it is the traditional teacher or the maverick, both have the responsibility of building an environment conducive for learning and where children can grow not just academically but also morally and transform into well-rounded individuals.

Role of a teacher

G. Gautama

It is believed that a teacher has an important role in the growth of a child. Besides providing academic knowledge what exactly is that role? Should a teacher encourage competition or an egalitarian outlook? What should a teacher’s threshold level be? Should a teacher accept a child for who he is or persevere to raise the child’s confidence? Should a teacher only be noticed by her students’ success? Are there answers to these questions?

The keeper of values

Rama Devi

There is no doubt that teachers, especially good teachers are a necessity today. You need teachers who are dedicated, professional, ethical, innovative, team players and passionate about what they do.

A multifaceted personality

Sundaram S

A subject expert, pedagogy expert, friend, communicator, planner, documenter, counsellor, public relations officer–these are only some of the many roles that a teacher has to essay.

A relationship of trust

Anna Neena George

A love for what they do, the subject they teach and constantly redesigning their teaching methodologies– these are among some of the most important qualities of a good teacher.