Are you a STEM school?

Megha Bajaj
For the kind of world we are living in, it is not enough if we prepare our children to learn byheart. If they are to lead fulfilling lives tomorrow, we need to teach them with care and understanding today. We need to link what they learn with their lives to help them understand why they are learning what they are learning.

Understanding how children perceive writing

Lakshmi Mitter
A positive association with writing as a skill during the school years goes a long way in shaping how the children will write when they grow up. Can we enable this? How?

It’s time for a math teaching revolution

Sweety Rastogi
Math should enhance a student’s ability to think out-of-the-box, find new connections, and create new paths. However, the way we teach math today is only to help the student pass the exam. The actual objective of learning math is not achieved. It is time that we revolutionize math teaching and encourage curiosity and the ability to think differently.

My struggle to remember names

Prachi Lahiri
“What’s in a name? that which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” Thus said Shakespeare, years ago. How does a teacher, today, look at names? Names of children in her class.

Teaching in context

Praveen Kumar S
What is education meant to do? How are we imparting it? Is it sensitive to local contexts, principles, and values? The author came away with these questions after an experience with a student from a tribal community.

Love me as I am

Soma Chakraborty
The inclusion and acceptance of special children into regular society and school will affect them positively. Here’s how this school and teachers held Anjali’s hand and helped her confidently stand on her own feet.

What the Summerhill school can teach us

Shamayel Zaidi
Summerhill by A S Neill is a book which seldom fails to shake the reader. There is a lot in the book which makes one think and re-think. If, however, there are four elements we want to learn from Summerhill what would these be? Are these thoughts and ideas viable in our country today?

Can a school be happy with unhappy teachers?

Shabira Banu
Trust and space are crucial for children. There is largely an agreement on this. Where do trust and space stand when it comes to teachers? Do teachers get the space and trust they deserve and seek? Can the teachers trust children and enable them space to perform when they do not get support on these fronts?