Gearing up for the second term

As schools resume after a short holiday and a period of festivities, it is time to hit the books again and gear up for a second term of study, cultural activities and a race to complete the syllabus.

Understanding the larger context

While we are all tied up with our own classrooms, textbooks and schools, it is important now and then to step back and look at the changes taking place in the field we are working in. Are these changes for our benefit? Who are these changemakers? Are they going in the right direction? Questions like these keep us alert and ready to embrace or confront the change taking place.

Let’s make time for art

With increasing pressure on schools and children to perfom well in competitive exams, no school seems to have time to even inculcate appreciate for the performing arts. We need to realize that a lot of learning can happen through the arts as well. Read to find out why you need to introduce the arts in your school or if you already have created some time for it how best you can utilize it.

Feeling the RtE ‘bite’

So far a majority of our articles on the RtE debate have featured the alternative school stand, this times article looks at the debate from the other side. Padma Sarangapani responds to some of the issues raised by the alternative school network.

Recession – A Keynesian perspective

Why did the Great Depression or the recent Great Recession happen? Are these two particular events part of a regular business cycle? Are there ways to take precaution against such events? We revisit the topic of recession in this article.

The art of “?”ing

Who? What? Where? When? Why? Asking questions, inculcating the spirit of enquiry is very important. Find here a few tips on the art of questioning.

The metallic edge

Metals play an important role in the lives of human beings. Whether it is iron, silver, gold or copper, man has been associated with metal since the historic ages. Let us understand these metals better through some experiments.

It’s a small(er) world!

Anything small fascinates us. And when we are fascinated about something we learn a lot better. Bonsais, kitchen playing sets, miniature art. Here’s how you can make use these small things in a class project and learn a lot of things.

Picture perfect

Pictures fascinate children a lot more than words do. Ratna Rao gives here the many different kinds of activities using pictures that you can introduce in the classroom to facilitate learning language especially grammar.

Inspiring education

The InspirEd conference held in Mumbai from August 27-29 was truly inspiring as it brought together experts in the field of education who were willing to share, debate, discuss and learn from each other. Teacher Plus reports.