Moving beyond comfort zones

Nimesh Ved, Arti Pandey and Anshumalika Rai
How important is it to bring in the concept of gender and sexuality at the school level? Are teachers even comfortable in starting a discussion first among themselves? How can they plan to take it forward? This article explains the initial tentative steps that were taken on the topic – from conversations with colleagues, then with children and then with some sessions on activities in the classroom.

Undoing gender socialization: beyond the pinks and blues

Simran Luthra
Gender stereotypes are so entrenched in our minds and society that even little children can’t seem to escape them. How do we wipe the slate clean and start afresh when even three year olds insist that blue is for boys and pink for girls? Ariana Abadian-Heifetz, sexuality education facilitator, tells teachers how they should help students dissect and question such biases and build a healthier understanding of manhood and womanhood.

How long for the little Picasso?

Pooja Birwatkar
Is the rangoli art form only for girls? What if some boys were equally interested in this amazing art? Will they be sidelined and what happens to all the talk about gender equality? When will schools actually realize what gender equality is in its real essence? This article is a must –read.

Changing mindsets, changing minds

Pooja Vijay

One evening, when I was at office a bit longer than usual, a Facebook message request pops up on my screen. I accept it and am pleasantly surprised to receive an invite to give a talk on gender equality at a school in Chennai. Mr. Vishnucharan Panneerselvam, the Correspondent for Shree Niketan Schools, a group of schools based in Chennai and its surrounding towns, had heard that I am a stand-up comedian and is intrigued to know the prospects for women in this highly male dominated field.

Be upfront, not subtle

Pooja Birwatkar

How do you sensitize children about gender issues? One solution that NCF 2005 came up with was to remove sexist bias in textbooks. But is that solution enough?

Busting biases

Chintan Girish Modi

Each and every one of us has our own biases about people. We tend to label them, judge them and call them names. Is it possible to change our outlook and try and rid ourselves of biases? An interesting and engaging classroom activity on the theme of ‘bias’ throws up some discussions that are quite phenomenal.

Where does it all begin?

Simran Luthra

Sexual abuse and harassment are so rampant today that even schools are no longer safe. It is extremely important that teachers and students are made aware of this malise and that schools have sexual harassment cells to help victims cope with the trauma.

Rights unravelled

Simran Luthra

In the urban setup, women teachers outnumber the men. Does this mean that inequality does not exist? Once you sit down to think about it you will be surprised to see on how many counts inequality creeps in.

New gender values

Neerja Singh

We are living in such times when young people, at every possible opportunity, are receiving false messages of the right of male superiority. In such times it is only the teachers who can build a citizenry that truly believes in equality.

Questioning the curriculum

Simran Luthra

There is talk about gender sensitization as part of the school curriculum now. But thus far have we been desensitizing our children to gender related issues? Is our curriculum promoting stereotype? Teacher Plus looks at gender in education through its new column Gender Bender.