How to maintain the quality of education during online teaching

Tamilla Mammadova
Winter is round the corner and predictions say we are not going back to our regular life just as yet. While online education proved itself as a plausible prototype of face-to-face classes, education quality remains the prime concern of many educational institutions.

Spelling the dream

Chintan Girish Modi
Are you a school teacher who feels nervous while interacting with ambitious parents? Do you wonder why they expect their children to be exceedingly high achievers? Is it amusing to notice how competitive they can get?

COVID-inspired classrooms

S. Radha Prathi
Indian education was moving along at its usual pace when a microscopic virus hit the pause button. Indians, however, are an enterprising lot. The educational sector decided to cock a snook at the coronavirus by simply going the e-way!

Social distancing and schools in the time of COVID-19

Anil C Rai
The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the world like no other calamity has since the Spanish Flu of 1918. Almost all countries the world over have suffered the onslaught of the virus and it has brought about drastic changes to our lifestyle.

Road map to effective learning and community building

Chandani Goyal

Covid-19 is still in the air and during this crucial time, schools have made a quick and remarkable entry into cyberspace. The entire teaching-learning process has seen a huge evolution, but approaches continue to be the same.

Corona lessons

Akshay Kumar

Most education stakeholders have found several issues and challenges in transacting teaching and learning during the pandemic. But all credit to our teachers as they do their best to build some kind of a learning environment for their students.

Collaboration in virtual classrooms

Kaushal Sen
As we are adapting to the ‘new normal’ and moving from physical classrooms to virtual ones, what we most need to develop in our students is the skill of collaboration.

Getting our priorities right

Mangalam Narayanan

Digital learning first began in 2012. At that time, technology in education was meant to enhance the role of the teacher and help students explore questions.