Multitasking mythology

With the school environment getting more competitive by the day, teachers are often asked to wear many hats. So how do they cope with their constantly changing roles? What are the new demands that are placed on them and is there enough support?

Fractions off the board!

Sheela Iyer
Colourful aids used as teaching material kindle interest in children and make learning easier. So, if you wish to make your math class more lively and get children also to enjoy learning maths, here is one way. Get some colourful sticks, a board and some colourful buttons, and try teaching fractions. Your students will master it in no time.

Teaching “species” in class VIII

Saurav Shome
Getting middle and high school students to understand the concept of species is important as there are over 22 concepts, that are incomplete and inadequate. This article explores a possible strategy to explain this concept to students while stating that it is important to acknowledge the students’ ideas about species and build on the basis of what they already know.

Centenary of cinema in schools

Subha Das Mollick
How can schools join in the celebration of a hundred years of Indian Cinema? From movie screenings to discussions and quizzes, the list is endless. Here are a few suggestions on how you can get children interested in the history of cinema.

Why can’t children read?

Nivedita Vijay Bedadur
Children in rural India do not engage with reading and find it a meaningless and mechanical activity. How can teachers in these rural schools build a supportive environment so that the child enjoys reading? The author of this article suggests some tasks that a teacher must do to bring about this important change.

Educational fun

Nandini Nayar
This is a book by a well- known ecologist and seamlessly weaves fact and fiction to create a story that offers real solutions to the real problems of the world.

A Ugandan sojourn

Lalitha Krishnamurthy
A first-hand account of a teacher’s experience in a school in Uganda.

Learning with bricks

V Udaya Bhanu

Here is a simple yet mult-idimensional activity for the primary classes. This exercise helps concretise concepts in math and language.

Dealing with learning problems

Nagalakshmi Balakrishnan
A conversation with an occupational therapist whose focus is on children in mainstream schools who have behavioural problems . Setting up support systems for these children and interacting with parents, teachers and the children themselves is part of her well thought out strategy. Read on to know more.

A matter of faith and friendship

Chintan Girish Modi
In the last of the series on 5th Space Projects, this article explores the work of SAHER, an organisation in Mumbai working on peacebuilding between communities. Peacebuilding involves changing attitudes, beliefs and behaviours and moving towards non-violent and creative responses to conflict. Read up this interesting piece to get an idea on how SAHER started.