Independence and agency

We have just celebrated India’s 63rd year of independence and with each passing year August 15 is turning out to be just a day for rituals and paying lip service to the nation. With Teachers’ Day round the corner let us set aside this sense of ritual and adopt one of enthusiasm, faith and trust.


Put down your chalks, dusters and textbooks. Find here are some fun ways of introducing numbers and basic mathematical concepts to young children.

Games teachers can play

Unwind, relax and enjoy this Teachers’ Day. Forget the textbooks and classes for this one day and bond with each other playing these games.

Multiple Natures: A powerful plug-in for CCE

Whether we like it or not CCE is here to stay. For those of us who find it difficult to shift focus from the old style of evaluation to this more demanding one this article tells us how we can begin to continuously and comprehensively evaluate children.

Reactions of the halogens

Observing the reactions of the halogens, especially chlorine is quite easy with Small Scale Chemistry. Here we give some experiments that you could try out.

Reading between the lines

Comprehension–a simple yet difficult skill to develop. How does one teach comprehension? What is the idea behind comprehension exercises in grammar? Are comprehension passages just aimed at children providing answers after reading the given text? This article answers all these questions.

Spaces for difference

Read the continuing RtE debate in Teacher Plus. This is the perspective of yet another person working with an alternative school.

‘Discipline’ – the need of the hour

Discipline is an important aspect of education. Unless a child is disciplined gathering and assimilating knowledge is difficult. And this is not something that the school alone can achieve. The family plays a very important role in inculcating discipline in a child.

Tracking the transient student

Student mobility is a problem that every school is familiar with. While you can’t stop this from happening there are ways to deal with transient students. This principal writes to tell how you can make student transfers smooth for both you and the student.

An idea that may have been…

Gandhi’s ideas of education are well known and appreciated but not many put them to practice. Here is a school in Udaipur that is successfully practicising the Nai Taleem philosophy.