Taking on the role of change makers

Quality in Indian education is something that has excited a lot of debate and discussion in the last few years. And during these debates a lot of solutions have been thrown up to address this issue. But whatever the solution, whether technology driven or creating better learning spaces, a change for the better has to begin with the teacher, for she is the change maker.

Seeing is not always believing!

Sinny Mole
Young kids have a lot of misconceptions about angles because they base their understanding of angles on visual representations. This article gives you a few exercises that will help dispel these misconceptions.

Nurturing the spirit of inquiry

Anna Neena George
Developing the spirit of inquiry–that is the primary goal of teaching science. However, mundane methods of teaching this subject don’t pay much heed to this objective. Science is an exciting and living subject, and should be taught accordingly. Find in this article, examples of how specific topics in science can be taught in an interactive and exciting manner.

Learning to teach from mistakes

Meena Raghunathan
When our students make mistakes and the same ones over and over again, our instinct tells us to reprimand them. But, if we hold back and analyze the mistakes that students commit, as teachers we can learn how better to teach them.

Exploring calendar art in the Indian classroom

Sarada Natarajan
We have all had them growing up and perhaps even now as adults, adorning our walls. Funny posters, posters that inspire us, or posters simply to decorate our walls–they are found everywhere from banks to government offices to the classroom. So when they are present everywhere why not use them as a teaching-learning tool?

Photoplay: A medium of the mind

Subha Das Mollick
Watching movies is fun and when things are fun learning becomes easy. Here is how you can use movies as a teaching-learning tool.

Balancing weights

Yasmin Jayathirtha
Continuing from where she left off in the November issue of Teacher Plus, the author further explores the idea of building our own insturments to learn concepts in science. This time she looks at the old style weighing scale (takdi), which has by and large been replaced by the top pan balance.

Introspection and reflection: What’s education about?

Mounik Shankar Lahiri
The school of tomorrow, an event organized by iDiscoveri explores what quality education is and how schools can achieve it while discussing the present and future of conventional schools in India.

Humour in the classroom

Everybody enjoys a good laugh and kids are no different. Here’s how you can use humour as a teaching aid.

Teachers in training

Manaswini Sridhar
Participating in workshops is as much a part of teachers’ lives as teaching is. This article gives you a few tips on how you should conduct yourself at workshops so as to ensure maximum benefit as a participant.