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Teacher Plus is a monthly magazine started in 1989 for school teachers and teacher educators to learn and share their ideas and experiences. It endeavours, through its articles, to spark ideas and means of their implementation in schools and learning spaces, and also to give teachers a sense of themselves – as people, as professionals, as important catalysts of human development.

Over 25 years, we have built a community of teachers, educators and parents – the right place for you to share information about your brand.

Why advertise in Teacher Plus?

  • The only magazine in India aimed at teachers and schools.
  • A readership of more than 35000 throughout the country and the number is growing.
  • The long shelf life of our magazine ensures greater exposure for your brand.
  • Our magazines are mailed directly to the niche target market you want to reach reducing your cost per contact.
  • Greater visibility for your brand through our magazine, digital issue, and website.
  • Our varied content caters to the needs of ICSE, CBSE, IB, Missionary, Government, and chains of schools providing a wider market reach.

Do you want to share information about your company, a new product, or an upcoming event? A Teacher Plus ad is the way to go.

  • Prime advertising space in the magazine
  • A banner on the website
  • Special discount on the combination of a print and web ad

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