Education of the self

It is now admission time and there is anxiety everywhere about making the final cut. What of the students that don’t make it? Who don’t get into colleges they want? Who don’t get the courses they want? This is where school education and the values they receive in school come to play.

Taking history teaching forward

History is often synonymous with boredom for most students. Here are suggestions that will help you introudce the subject in an interactive and fun way.

Being responsible for your child

Is the education of a child the sole responsibility of the teacher? This article looks at how parents and teachers should share this responsibility.

In defence of the blackboard

With whiteboards and digital classrooms fast becoming popular among schools, this teacher writes in defence of the old school aids, particularly the blackboard.

My ‘self’ intelligence

It is important, especially in the primary years, to ensure that a child’s education revolves around the child itself. This article gives you ideas about how you can convert a child’s experiences, emotions, and thoughts in to his/her teachers.

Values and all that

What values are we imparting to our children? That success is everything and that once they achieve it, everything is roses and bliss? But life has a lot of ups and downs and the values we impart to them should help children carry on through the good and the bad.

Of moles and masses

How do we measure elements? What is a mole and how is the Avagadro number related to this unit of measurement? Find out from the experiments given in this article.

Importance of innovation spaces

Every school should have space for children to think, explore, and experiment for it is such spaces that will inculcate in children a scientific temper and a spirit of innovation.

Bringing alive the magic of trees

Remember the time you used to climb mango trees to pluck mangoes? The afternoons you have enjoyed under the shade of a banyan tree? Just look up… helps us reconnect with 22 common trees. Through little activities, poems, and craft ideas, the book brings alive the magic of trees.