Annual day: a platform for leadership development

Shalini Solanki
Songs, dance, drama, musical performances — school annual days are platforms for students to showcase their talent. But is that all there is to an annual day? School annual days are also events where several other life skills including leadership skills can be developed.

Beyond ABCs: Nurturing inclusivity in early education

Swati Chaliha
How many of us were sensitized towards differently abled people in our school days? How important it is for a school to do this? What happens when a school invests time to teach 5-year-olds how to communicate with those who cannot hear and speak?

Climate change, storytelling, and the subversive power of imagination

Deborah Dutta
Climate crisis is almost upon us and yet all that we are still doing is talking and not really taking any action. Why? Because the human brain is built to experience the present and react to the immediate. We still don’t see climate crisis as imminent and therefore are unable to take collective action. We need to train our brains to imagine our crises-ridden future so that it can goad us into action today.

Teacher beliefs in the classroom

Chandrika Muralidhar and Vikas Chandra Roy
They heavily influence a teacher’s pedagogy and behaviour in the classroom, yet teacher beliefs are not given much thought. How are these beliefs formed, how much do they affect a teacher’s practice and why is it important to be alert to their existence?