Is my size and your size the same?

Ranjeeta Prajapati
When we know that one size does not fit all, why do we use standardized lesson plans? When every child learns differently, our lesson plans should also be such that they cater to each child’s needs.

Understanding the enigma of dyslexia

Kalpana Sharma
While most of us may have a surface level understanding of learning disabilities like dyslexia, not many of us stop to think of what life is actually like for a dyslexic child in school. What can schools do to support these differently-abled children?

A little appreciation does wonders

Ranjeeta Prajapati
Is it enough if we praise a student? Or we need to take care while praising as well? A teacher shares her experience.

A visit to a bookstore

Pradita Nambiar
The author talks about her experience of taking children to a bookstore. She highlights how the children benefitted and wonders if families too will include visits to bookstores during vacations!

Roads to learning, old and new

Chatura Rao
Sometime in the middle of your career if you decide to become a student again what will your experience be? How different is it from your first innings as a student? Will it contribute to your life as a teacher? What new lessons will you learn?

Those three hours

Ashwini Pathak
Observing human beings in action is a very interesting activity. Whenever she has to invigilate an examination, this teacher says it is rewarding to observe how each child behaves and responds in those three hours of writing the exam.

The ‘rock’ing social sciences

Pallavi Sharma
A teacher’s account of how her class on physical geography organically extended into a story writing and later art and craft class.

‘Tinkering’ your way into learning

Mayank Solanki
For a majority of children, there are gaps in their understanding of concepts, which leads to them byhearting. Here is a fun and interesting way for children to learn and understand–tinkering labs.