Those three hours

Ashwini Pathak
Observing human beings in action is a very interesting activity. Whenever she has to invigilate an examination, this teacher says it is rewarding to observe how each child behaves and responds in those three hours of writing the exam.

The ‘rock’ing social sciences

Pallavi Sharma
A teacher’s account of how her class on physical geography organically extended into a story writing and later art and craft class.

‘Tinkering’ your way into learning

Mayank Solanki
For a majority of children, there are gaps in their understanding of concepts, which leads to them byhearting. Here is a fun and interesting way for children to learn and understand–tinkering labs.

Five ways to combat teacher burnout

Vaidehi Sriram
Teachers are always on the job, even outside work hours. This usually takes a toll on their physical and mental health leading to a burnout from which many teachers do not recover. Here are a few tips that can help teachers rediscover their passion for teaching.

Rising from the abyss

Gita Nambiar
Board exams can be a stressful experience for students. Teachers need to be extra sensitive during this period and help students stay positive so that this threshold can be crossed with minimal tensions. Any kind of insensitive remarks can pull a child down or demotivate him/her. Instead, exerting the right amount of pressure, giving tips on time management, goal setting etc. will help the child to sail smoothly.

A potato problem from history

Lakshmi Mitter
Problem solving skills are very important in life today and a fun and interesting way to develop this skill is to examine and engage with problems in history. Here is how a bunch of modern day teenagers solved Prussian king, Fredrick the Great’s potato problem.

Learning with pleasure

Rajesh B Patil, Narendra D Deshmukh, Vinita Shrouty, and Nivedita Deshmukh
Hobbies are a good way to spend our spare time effectively. They give us pleasure and at the same time are educative.

Nurturing human values

N Sai Prashanti
Nurturing is a big part of school education now than ever before. Here are some ways in which human values can be inculcated in children.

Time to go back to the old teaching methods?

Latha Vydianathan
PBL, hands-on learning, experimental pedagogy are all very well, but have we done the right thing by ignoring learning by memory all together? Here is why sometimes memorization is also a good learning technique and why we must bring it back into our teaching methods.

The parent-teacher partnership

R Jeyatheerthan
Parents and teachers have to work together to turn our children into responsible, well-adjusted and balanced young adults. Let us come together for the sake of our children.