A letter to fellow educators

G Gautama
In a day and age where automation in every sector is being celebrated, a teacher writes a passionate letter saying why human teachers will always be more valuable.

Learning from life

Varun Gupta
Learning and understanding become easy when we relate what we have to learn with life.

Don’t always stick to your lesson plans

Varun Gupta
Lesson plans are a necessary tool in any teacher’s teaching toolkit, however, they needn’t be sacred aids that cannot be changed. Remember lesson plans are a guide only. As teachers we have to observe and adapt the lesson plan according to how our class is going.

Teaching vocabulary: A daunting task

Unnati Ved

Teaching vocabulary is not an easy task . There is a constant need to improve and learn new words. Learners must not stop with just knowing the meaning of a word. The form and use of the word is also important.

Familiar but small

Aditya Rao
If you went back to visit your school, several years after you have passed out, besides the obvious stirring up of memories, what would your feelings be? As an adult, would the gates you entered through every morning, the classroom you sat in, the blackboard you copied notes from seem different? Find out what this author experienced when he visited his old school.

Music and our minds

Brendan MacCarthaigh
Does music play a role in our lives as teachers? Can it aid us in our teaching practice? Will it help if we draw our students into a world of music as well? If you are an amateur musician and a teacher like the author or simply someone who appreciates music, the author invites you to reflect on the above questions.

Unlearn to learn

Meera Bhuvanesh
Teaching is a lifelong journey of learning. Only if you are willing to learn, unlearn and relearn will you make a good teacher. The author reminisces about the school that taught her to become a better teacher.

March is here again

Shylaja Pillay
A teacher expressing the thoughts of a student in the form of a poem.

What I learnt in class

Latha Vydianathan
As teachers we are always in the front of our classrooms, talking, discussing, teaching. For once take time out to walk to the back of a class and observe a fellow teacher teach. You will be amazed to find how much there is to learn from such an exercise.

Education in theatre

Nandan Bhattacharya
Drama or dramatic plays have a lot to offer both those who are watching it and those who are performing in it. With moral values, model behaviour and tolerance on the decline see how drama can help our students imbibe valuable lessons.