Free play in early years

Isha Anand
Are children getting enough time to indulge in free play? Children have an innate urge to do things on their own without any adult coaching or guiding them. This helps them to relate to their inner world of feelings, ideas and lived experiences. Play helps children to improve their motor skills, enhances their imagination and also builds creativity. Educators must try and facilitate an environment where children are able to practice free play.

Parents as partners

Vidhya Nagaraj
The school and the child alone cannot go on the educational journey. This experience will be complete only when there is parental involvement. Read how this school in Bengaluru took different steps to include parents in their children’s learning and trained them to become co-teachers in the pandemic induced remote learning.

What is my role as a teacher?

Ranjeeta Prajapati
As teachers is it our job only to teach our students the syllabus? A small and seemingly insignificant incident gave this teacher the answer to the above question.

The ‘little’ lessons of life

Latha Vydianathan
Little kids, very often, can surprise us. While they may be dependent on us for many things, they are also capable of teaching us a thing or two.

Math can be fun!

Sadaf Sayed
When you introduce math to children through interesting and fun facts, children will find it easier to like the subject

Learning through reflections, working from strength

Varun Gupta
Reflections are a wonderful way for teachers to learn and grow in their profession. As they observe their students in different situations and their own interaction with their students, teachers become better at what they do.

Books in the time of COVID

Anshumalika Rai and Nimesh Ved
The pandemic struck different chords in different ways. When schools remained open with only teachers attending, what brought them together and how did they reconnect? From books, music, poetry, as well as having fun – the teachers did it all. This was the effect of the Book Room that was started with a lot of promise and enthusiasm to get children and teachers to read together.

Where there is a will…

Seema Satti
Libraries have always been physical spaces we can go to, to learn and lose ourselves. But COVID has now forced us to rethink libraries. Here’s how a resourceful school librarian made sure that her students always had access to books during the pandemic.