Not by profession

Shilpa D
A teacher is more than just a teacher. She has to wear so many different hats and play the role of the counsellor, the lawyer, the comedian and so many more.

Cooking up a fragrance

Vanisha Gupta, Umang Sultania, Gouri Naik, and Anamika Sharma
This teacher found a fragrant route to generate and further her students’ interest in chemistry. Students at an education institute extracted and studied natural products that gave different plants their aromatic smell.

Who is the ideal teacher?

Prabhu S
We always have a lot of expectations from our students. Have we ever asked them what they expect from us?

Books and us

Nimesh Ved and Anshumalika Rai
In this article, the third and final in the series, the authors move beyond the rooms and walls. They look at themselves.

Is my size and your size the same?

Ranjeeta Prajapati
When we know that one size does not fit all, why do we use standardized lesson plans? When every child learns differently, our lesson plans should also be such that they cater to each child’s needs.

Understanding the enigma of dyslexia

Kalpana Sharma
While most of us may have a surface level understanding of learning disabilities like dyslexia, not many of us stop to think of what life is actually like for a dyslexic child in school. What can schools do to support these differently-abled children?