The same story a different perspective

Fiona Vaz
In our classrooms, as teachers, we are proud of our little successes—when our students first learn to read, think for themselves. But have we ever stopped to reflect whether we have done justice to all our students—the boys and the girls? It may have been several years later, but her girls helped Fiona realize that her very successful book reading programme in school, may not have been completely successful.

Life lessons from my students

Brendan MacCarthaigh
As a young teacher, you believe that you are going to ‘change lives’. But several years into teaching, you are wiser. Brother Brendan realized that he had become a better and a stronger person not because of his older years but because his students made him strive to achieve what he is today.

Yes my dear, you taught me this

Ashwini Subodh Pathak
He was a boy regularly absent from school. Nobody expected much out of him. But he ended up teaching Ashwini, his teacher, a thing or two about finding true joy.

Teaching is a two-way street

Anindita Bhattacharya
As human beings it is sometimes easy for us to believe that ‘we know it all’. Anindita did too. But, as a teacher, by observing, unlearining and learning from her students, Anindita realized that by harbouring such beliefs she was only stalling her own growth as a person.

I get my answers from the learners

Disha Jain
Mimicking their teachers is something that most students indulge in. Instead of admonishing them, Disha decided that getting her students to mimic her would be a wonderful way of learning about her weaknesses as a teacher.

They made the difference

P. Ajitha
As a teacher, Ajitha has had several students who have kept her on her toes, made her smile and sometimes even cry, but there are some who have left her feeling great as a teacher. In this article, she remembers two such students—Manisha and Aishwarya.

Impressions that last forever

Vimala Nandakumar
As a teacher you receive more than you give. Of the many students who have impacted her life, Vimala talks about two students who continue to be her support as she continues on her journey of transforming through education.

The youngest influencers

Yukti Lao
Learning can happen anywhere and can come from anyone, only you as a teacher have to be alert and receptive. Yukti’s pre-primary students often turn into her teachers as she learns from them how to teach them.

Little known ways of knowing

Anand Krishnaswamy
Children will never cease to surprise us. No matter how well we think we are prepared to handle them, they will soon jolt us back to reality, just like Anuj left Anand astonished.

Joyful teacher, joyous students

Vaibhav Pandya
Vaibhav does not remember his teachers ever being grumpy and yet as a teacher himself, he is rarely happy in the classroom. After a student’s intervention and some self-introspection, this teacher realized that it is a happy teacher who creates a thriving learning environment.