Who is the ideal teacher?

Prabhu S
We always have a lot of expectations from our students. Have we ever asked them what they expect from us?

It’s the process, not the product

Usha Raman
We have moved beyond discussing if we are using AI or not. We have also accepted it is being widely being used in education spaces. But we need to take time out to understand why we are using it. Do we use tools like Chat GPT to extend our capabilities or to mask our deficiencies?

What art gives to the curriculum

Jaai Deolalkar and Sowmya Ravindranath
What is the place of art in education? Is art a subject? Does it have a curricular role? How then does one fan the fire of art engagement without an overwhelming focus on proficiency? When it comes to art and children – are we missing the trees for the forest?

Arts equalize, not divide. Arts are freeing, not restrictive

Ayushi Agarwal
Do arts provide us with space to experiment and explore? Do arts help us be spontaneous and accepting? Why are arts and academics distinct from each other? The author narrates her journey with arts as she looks at these and other questions.

A matter of right or privilege?

Richa Goswami
Where does art education stand today in a majority of our schools? Is art education only for the privileged? Has it always been like this?

Our journey with Pratham books

Anshumalika Rai and Nimesh Ved
Books that talk about growing native rice varieties, books on vegetable markets, and of course books on grasses, rolling on them. The world of children books is changing quick and for the better. The authors discuss a few books.

What do learning objectives mean anyway?

Can we transform classrooms from cold, information-laden spaces to rooms full of rich discussions? Can we facilitate connections across space, time, and context? Can we bring the outside world inside the classroom?

A journey through schooling: perspectives and dilemmas

Sushmita Aripirala
Schools. How differently do we see them – As the time moves on? As the society changes? As our biases continue? As our financial situation alters? As new schools come in? As state priorities alter?

My struggle to remember names

Prachi Lahiri
“What’s in a name? that which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” Thus said Shakespeare, years ago. How does a teacher, today, look at names? Names of children in her class.