Rediscovering Gandhi

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Stories matter

Why do stories matter? Well there are a couple of reasons. One–stories are perhaps one of the most inexpensive teaching aids. Except for your imagination you need little else. Two–stories perk up any classroom and subject matter. Three–stories help develop very important learning skills–listening, reading, and speaking.

A fascination for stories


There are stories about princes and kingdoms, faries and magic, animals and demons but perhaps the most interesting are stories about stories. Do you know any stories of how stories came to be? Perhaps your class could find out.

The story is about us

Nina Sabnani

We have all grown up listening to stories and later reading them. And none of us can deny the impact that they have had on us. Stories are so powerful that they can shape a person’s views and opinions about the world. Do we need any greater reason for including them as a way of learning?

Weaving the tale

Sonali Bhatia

If you have had storytelling sessions in your school or have attended one outside then you will agree that nothing captivates children the way a story does. Here are a few tips that good storytellers use to keep their audience riveted.

Around the world

Aditi Padiyar

Ballads and bagpipes, the Mahabharata and Bhagwad Gita, troubadours and Minnesingers, Pingtan and Kamaishibai. Take a trip around the world understanding its various storytelling traditions.

Tales from another land

Martin Elrodt

Grimms’ Fairy Tales–surely all of us own a copy or have read at least some of them as children. Grimms’ Fairy Tales became Germany’s contribution to world literature. But Grimms’ Fairy Tales alone don’t define the German tradition of storytelling. Martin Elrodt gives us a peep into the past, present, and future of storytelling in his country

Why stories are told

Margaret Read MacDonald

Behind every storytelling is a purpose. And this purpose differs from teller to teller. Some tell to pass on moral values, some to keep their traditions alive, some to engage their students. What do you tell your stories?

Therapeutic tales

Eric Miller

Have you felt that more and more children today fidget, are lonely, more aggressive, selfish, glued to their smart phones and ipads, spending more time indoors than outdoors? These are the signs of the modern times. But there certainly is a solution to all these problems and in one word that solution is–stories.