January 2021
Teacher Plus wishes you all a good new year, one that brings health, and peace. A look at what's inside this January 2021 issue ... Is procrastination about laziness or about poor time management? Why do most people procrastinate? And is this particularly prevalent among students? With education going online, students now have consistently multitask, and therefore there is a tendency to put things off for later. How can teachers put a stop to this? What measures can they take to guide students to deliver assignments or projects on time? Our cover story deals with this troubling issue.
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February 2021
According to the World Bank, India is among the top few waste generating countries in the world. A UN report estimates per annum food wastage in India to be at Rs. 92,000 crores. Unless we take drastic measures, it is believed that India will produce double the amount of waste it is now producing. All is not bleak though. Apart from NGOs and government organizations working to manage waste, there are also quite a few schools across the country that have taken up the mantle of going zero waste.
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March 2021
The corona virus story has impacted the education sector the most with teachers having to re-adapt themselves to online teaching. In the midst of all this, the fee debate rages on with parents demanding discounts in the school fees on one side and the managements of schools sticking to their ground on the other. Are parents expecting way too much? What becomes of the teachers who not only have a new learning curve but also as many domestic commitments as any parent? Is there a case for schools to be more considerate, and is it possible to bridge this trust gap between teachers and parents? Our cover story deals with this troubling issue.
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