Inclusive education

Jayanthi Narayan

What is inclusive education? Who are the stakeholders involved? What is the status of inclusive education in India and what do we need to do? Find answers to these questions in this times cover story.

Imagining inclusion

The need and importance of inclusive education is slowly being recognized in India. It may be true that mainstream schools are not yet inclusive in their setup but the thought is at least there. And while inclusion in terms of disabilities is being acknowledged we need to broaden our understanding of inclusion to include differences in terms of religion, ethnicity, and sexual orientation as well.

The water story

Kobita Dass Kolli

Water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink. With just one per cent of fresh water available for the entire humankind how do we conserve this precious resource? How do we tell our children the importance of saving water?

Confronting my sense of inclusion

Ankita Diwekar Kabra

Being an inclusive school is a tough balancing act. It is easy to talk about being an inclusive school but quite a challenge being one. But the rewards of being an inclusive school are worth it as you will find out from this article.

Creating inclusive contexts

Beula Christy

With its ‘zero rejection’ policy and the RtE, the Government of India has finally brought the subject of inclsive education into the limelight. What does it take for a mainstream school to become truly inclusive? This article lists out the key factors.

Inclusion in practice

Lakshmi Gopalakrishnan

Did you know that about 85% of people with hearing impairment in India are illiterate? Why is it that children with hearing impairments drop out of school? Here’s what you can do to make your school and classroom more friendly towards chidren with a hearing disorder.

Building an ‘able’ society

Timira Gupta

As adults if we are to appreciate that people with different abilities are just like us we need to be able to mingle with children with different abilities in school. This is why inclusive education is so important. Children with different abilities don’t need special schools, they only need us to be more understanding and accepting of them.

Everyone’s in!

Divya Choudary

How comfortable are children with special needs in a ‘regular’ school? Do they feel left out or are they accepted? Despite most mainstream schools in India not really being inclusive, children with disabilities who do get accepted in ‘regular’ schools are happier than not. Read to see why inclusive education will benefit not just the ‘special’ children but all the stakeholders in the system.

Terrible testing times

Geetha Durairajan

Exam times are frenzied times for most students. Completing portions, memorizing answers, finishing the exam on time. These are the worries. But how different your worries are when you are not what is called ‘normal’? Four visually impaired students talk about what they fear when exams approach.