It’s magic

Anil Kumar Patnaik
Mathematics is a subject teachers enjoy exploring and teaching using a variety of methods and tools. A teacher gets students interested in numbers by creating a mystery around numbers. And, all he uses is the English literature book.

Crunching numbers with Vikram and Betaal

Anil Kumar Patnaik
Have you read Vikram and Betaal stories? Do you like them? Listen to this story by Betaal and see if you can answer his question before King Vikram?

My sad story

Subha Das Mollick
Plastic is ubiquitous and it is difficult not to use it in some form or other. But wherever we can let us try and recycle plastic and reduce toxic waste. Otherwise the plastic products we use will end up like the plastic bag in this story adding to the pollution in the environment.

Storybook delights!

Bhasyati Sinha and Jayshree Murali
A beautiful story, excited children, passionate readers and fun activities completed a delightful reading session for the children of this government school in Mazgaon.

The invisible chikoo tree

Deepa Kiran
Here is a delightful story about two sisters and their learnings from working with their hands, from planting a seed to seeing it grow into a tree. The story is enjoyable for children, but for parents too, it makes a deep impact.

All about money

Deepa Kiran

Money, an important concept and idea that children have to be made aware of sooner rather than later. Unless they know what it is to spend, save, invest, and earn handling money won’t come easy. Stories are a fun way of discussing money.

Stories and the world of numbers

Deepa Kiran

Are you aware that subjects such as science and math can be made more interesting through stories?Simple fundamental concepts can be taught through stories so that children who do not like math can overcome their fear and embrace the subject. The world of numbers and the magic of stories can certainly enliven the classroom.

The adventures of Bujji

Deepa Kiran

This is a very enjoyable story that helps children to engage with scientific language in a fun way. The concept of the water cycle comes through effectively in the story and the children also find it easy to understand the concept.

Whipping up a yarn

Deepa Kiran

Everybody loves a good story and children especially, because storytelling is all about creating. Here are a few tips on how you can engage your students with a good story.

From the twists in the tales

Deepa Kiran

Stories are exciting, stories one remembers, stories can even teach. How? Follow our new column Story Time and find tips on storytelling and what you can teach through them.