Plural perceptions and deciphering the whole

Divya Sharma, Smriti Tiwari, Neha Khandekar, and Rinan Shah
Active learning helps the human brain evolve and develop important cognitive skills, and active learning happens when we constantly engage with our peers and the environment. Workshops are an ideal way of learning actively. Here’s how a team of educators put this into practice at a workshop for children.

Celebrating the library

Sarwesh Pareek
With not many children interested in reading or holding a book these days, it is becoming increasingly important to lure them to the world of books. Here is how this school is trying to revive the reading habit.

Is online learning redefining education? A discussion

Ananya Pathak
Today are we witnessing a changing world of education. While this change has been forced upon us, it certainly seems like this new way of transacting teaching-learning is here to stay in some form or other. So how do we prepare for it?

Our stories, our selves

Chintan Girish Modi
Get rid of the idea of a perfect story. There is no such thing. We are here to tell stories in ways that feel most comfortable to us,” said Anooj Bhandari, a multi-disciplinary performance artist, restorative justice professional and community organizer from New York City, while leading a personal storytelling workshop in Mumbai

Come, let’s play!

Nirmala Balasubramanyam

Music, conversation and art marked the launch of the book, Aata Aadu in Bengaluru.

Embracing innovation

Ankita Rajasekharan

What are innovative teaching practices? How does an innovative pedagogy help a school? How can one introduce innovation in the classroom? Some of these questions were answered in the National Symposium on Innovative Practices in Education organized by the Aurobindo International school.

Celebrating Pi day

Jayaram Seela
A small government school in Andhra Pradesh takes its teaching seriously. The students, with the help of their math teachers, recently celebrated Pi day. A quiz, a drawing competition and an exhibition formed part of the event.

Teacher Plus at the kids fair

Two separate events and some enthusiastic children set the stage for a rollicking evening of fun. At the kids fair where Teacher Plus participated, Manaswini Sridhar and Deepa Kiran, resource persons, engaged the children in a story writing and story telling session. Both the sessions saw children in an upbeat mood as they enjoyed writing and listening to the stories. Some of the prize-winning stories are featured here.