Inculcating thinking skills in the young mind

A child today is overloaded with information and his intelligence is determined based on his reproducing that information. Such a system of education does not consider the child’s ability to process the information as important. Developing a child’s thinking skills deserves more attention than we are currently giving it

Effective assessments

Assessments are necessasry because they help us judge a student’s ability to understand. Here is a way to systematize assessment in a meaningful way.

A fabulous resource

In yet another new column, we review websites that will help broaden a teacher’s knowledge and help develop her skills. In this first article we review the website of the encyclopaedia of informal education.

A practical resource: Ri Gyancha

Contextual learning is the mantra these days. It is important that children can relate what they learn to their surroundings. Ri Gyancha is a bio diversity kit for educators from Ladakh.

Musical tools

Which child does not like music? Find here several ways in which you can bring music into your classroom and enhance your learning environment.

Making it happen

Absenteeism is a problem that schools have to constantly deal with. Here is how this principal improved regular attendance in his school.

Learning from doing projects

The way projects are approached both by students and teachers make working on them dull, boring, and ineffective. Here is a way to remove the drudgery of project work and make it a fun and effective learning insturement.