Healing touch

Satya Ramesh

Here is a teacher’s account of how he helped a student find his true self.

Exploring the world!

Sonika Lakhera

Finding the right resource material is always a challenge. We either don’t find what we want or find material that does not suit us. This list of Indian reference books covering a wide range of subjects including math, language and art is therefore a very important one.

Balancing trust and skepticism

Usha Raman

In recent times we have all been witness to the mayhem that fake news can unleash. With the average age of people using social networking sites and apps becoming younger, as teachers we now have the responsibility to help our students identify fact from fiction, help them cultivate the ability to question and not accept everything at face value.

Breaking news, making news, faking news

Usha Raman

Once upon a time we used to consume news through our morning newspapers or the TV at dinner. Today news has become perennial. We are constantly surrounded by it. Every ordinary citizen is able to dispense news, journalists are competing to bring us breaking news and opportunists are looking to take advantage. The ability to sift through this barrage of news stories is becoming more and more necessary. Try out some of these exercises to help your students cultivate the ability to consume news.

Slow and steady makes sense

Manaswini Sridhar

In this fast-paced world, we are rushing in everything we do, including teaching little children. When teaching children who are three and three-and-a half years old, it is necessary that we drastically slow down our pace. Even if it is only the alphabet and numbers, we have to find a variety of interesting resources and ways to help our children learn.

Where’s the enthusiasm for maths?

Hemen Dutta

There is a widespread belief that mathematics is given importance over other subjects in school and yet we don’t find many students opting to study it at higher levels. India has produced world-renowned mathematicians in the past and if we are to contribute in any way to the study of mathematics, we have to be able to sustain our students’ interest in the subject and open up the several possibilities that mathematics has to offer them.

Subtle hints

Aishwarya Ramesh

As teachers we often forget that students observe even the little things about us; what we do and what we say. Despite our best efforts and intentions we make mistakes and lose credibility. Here are a student’s observations of the little things that we overlook and which if we are careful about can make us better teachers.

Travelling and yet at home

Subha Das Mollick

The movies are exciting and the movies are fun. You say the word, ‘movies’ and the students are all excited and eager. Here is a lesson plan to help you teach a little bit of physics and a little bit of geography using the animated film, Up.

Schools beyond textbooks

Nimesh Ved

10 schools. 10 case studies. Innovative changes. Refreshing ways of tackling age-old problems. not Just Grades… is a book that gives its readers a lot of food for thought. Despite a couple of shortcomings, this is a book that every school leader and policymaker should read.

Health hazards of a noble profession

Bincy Mary George

According to a recent government scheme, teachers will train students in preventive healthcare as part of their ‘health ambassador’ duty. While this is all very well, has anybody given a thought to the health of the teachers themselves? Do you know how many health issues plague teachers as they continue in their profession? As she raises these concerns, the author also provides a few solutions to tackle them.