Remaining aware of differences

Simran Luthra

A seminar on Special learning Needs held recently by Oakridge International school, Hyderabad, drove home the point that both teachers and students need to be aware of and celebrate differences.

Introspection and reflection: What’s education about?

Mounik Shankar Lahiri
The school of tomorrow, an event organized by iDiscoveri explores what quality education is and how schools can achieve it while discussing the present and future of conventional schools in India.

Science sans the teacher

Science is all about curiosity, wonder, and endless exploration. And the best way to teach science to preschoolers is to allow them to ask questions and find the answers themselves . Read on to discover a fun-filled activity-based approach.

Fun to make and inexpensive too!

S Subbalakshmi and Anu Kurian Arvind Gupta is well known for his innovative science and mathematics teaching aids. He prepares the aids from material that is accessible. He currently works at the children’s Science Centre of the Inter-University Centre for Read More …

Honouring the guru

All of us recognize the importance and influence of teachers in our lives but have we done anything to show our appreciation to our teachers? Teachers’ Academy organizes the Inspiring Teachers Awards every year as a platform for students to thank their teachers. Teacher Plus reports.

Inspiring education

The InspirEd conference held in Mumbai from August 27-29 was truly inspiring as it brought together experts in the field of education who were willing to share, debate, discuss and learn from each other. Teacher Plus reports.