Teacher Plus at the kids fair

It was a departure from the routine for us, doing something for children rather than teachers. When the organizers of the 6th edition of the Hyderabad Kids Fair approached us to put up a stall at their exhibition, it was an opportunity for Teacher Plus to interact directly with the parents and children. So, we decided to make our first interaction with our little friends extra special. Over the four days of the Fair, from 24 to 27 December, Teacher Plus organized two events to engage the children who visited the Fair.


Manaswini Sridhar, a regular contributor to the magazine and someone that Teacher Plus often turns to when asked to organize workshops or events did a very interesting activity with the children – story writing with a twist. In half an hour, the 30 odd participating children had to write a comprehensible story of 26 lines, each beginning with a letter from the English alphabet starting with A and ending with Z. It proved quite a difficult task even for the adults who gathered around the activity area. The children however surprised us! We present below four of the best stories from this event.



We followed up the story writing activity with a story telling one. Popular storyteller and children’s author, Deepa Kiran had the children and the adults enthralled as she narrated the story of a sad Kamli who asked her father to buy her a song from the market if he wanted her to be happy! The children and the adults who listened in rapture went along with Deepa as she sang and clapped her way through the story.



For more photos please look up http://www.teacherplus.org/photo-gallery

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