Putting it on show!

Prabha Naresh

Featuring in this times Event is a social science exhibition at NASR school for girls in Hyderabad.

Giving teacher education a fillip

Deepesh Chandrasekharan

The Teacher Education Conference organized by the British Council and English and Foreign Languages University, Hyderabad, is reportedly the largest such conference in the country. With a focus on quality in English language teacher education, the conference this year had prominent people from the field of English language education speaking to and engaging the participants. A report of the event.

Reflections on spirituality

Ramgopal Konneripalli

The annual “Education Network’ meeting this year was held at a KFI retreat near Hyderabad. The theme for the meeting was ‘Spirituality and Education” . Here is a round up of the proceedings.

InspirED chronicles

Milan Kaur

A national conference on finding solutions for the problems in education–InspirED was held in New Delhi in December. A report.

Dahl Tadka – a creative carnival

Sonali Bhatia
Children are creative and enthusiastic and left to themselves are capable of springing surprises. In a departure of sorts, an event based on books was conducted by children that included creating art and craft objects as well as performance. Here the children planned the event all by themselves with a bit of guidance from the teachers. This article gives a break-up of how teachers can help their children to conduct a similar event.

Teacher Plus: reflections on silver

Divya Choudary

Teacher Plus is 25 years old and the magazine organized a small programme for teachers in the city of Hyderabad. A report of the event.

Bringing ‘Robotix’ into the classroom!

Divya Choudary
From text books to technology, the education system is changing fast. We now have students building their own robots and programming them in such a way that all the work is done by the human machine. Check out this article to get a glimpse of what is happening in the student world.

Creativity galore

Sridivya Mukpalkar

Girls from NASR school, Hyderabad displayed their knowledge and skills in science, art, and math through models and exhibits at their annual Science, Art and Math exhibition.

“Inhabiting” ecological exhibits

Divya Choudary

A biodiversity exhibition showcasing exhibits by children from this primary school shows how big concepts can be made simpler for young children.

Taking the skill challenge

Sindhu Sree

An innovative skill challenge event held recently by Creya Learning Solutions had children in the age group of 11-13 explore their engineering skills by building models such as cranes, windmills etc.