What should your school look like?

If you were given a chance to build a school, what would it look like? We asked a few children, who had some pretty interesting ideas.

Learning to really see

What is spatial intelligence? The activities in this article give a whole new meaning to the way you look at space.

Making space with sound

Music helps relax, concentrate, and unwind. Here’s exploring the idea of using music to enhance learning spaces.

Creating healing spaces

Statistics reveal that more than half the number of children in India have faced some form of sexual abuse and every second child undergoes emotional abuse. It is, therefore, important that we provide children with safe and nurturing environments to grow up in and schools should play their part in helping out.

The warm embrace

Everywhere everybody talks about the need to include ‘special’ children in regular schools to give a sense of normalcy to their lives. Although regular schools have started taking in these children, neither the schools nor their teachers are in any way trained to handle them. Therefore, despite being in a regular school, ‘special’ children continue to suffer seperation. Here are some ideas that a teacher from a regular school can adopt to actually start implementing the process of Inclusion.

Dialogue in the dark

While light is extremely important to life, darkness too has a lot to offer us. Darkness enhances experimental thinking, opens up communication, and helps us learn to trust.

The left-overs

There’s much more we can say about the nooks and crannies of a school, spaces meant for learning about and learning within and without. For instance… Boxed-in tiffins? Where do we eat and how does the atmosphere of the lunchroom Read More …

Let’s build a school

Most school buildings in India remind one either of a hospital or a prison, both places of surveillance and authority. Schools though should be welcoming places where children can freely explore knowledge. The Centre for Vernacular Architecture is changing the way schools are being built

A case for neighbourhood schools

Shankar Musafir The ‘neighbourhood criteria’ has environmental, economic and social ramifications Admission to the nursery classes in most schools in Delhi has been a controversial issue. Added to this, the B K Ganguly Committee Report on nursery admissions has also Read More …

Understanding Sanskrit

Sanskrit does not really require long hours of study. It is also possible to use the language in everyday communication.