The warm embrace

Sheela Ramakrishnan

pencils Aakash sat in the class, staring at the dancing letters in front… he just couldn’t figure out what was written on the board… the lines seemed to be running into each other and the sentences were all blurred. The rest of the class seemed to be having fun though. Sarojini, the teacher, went on with her work, unaware of Aakash’s predicament.

Tina was sitting all alone in class, as she couldn’t participate in the games class. Since childhood she needed crutches to walk, as she had fallen sick with polio, that fateful night. Everybody was very kind to her, but still she deeply wished she could play with all the other children. Her teacher told her that she needed to be in class because she had to be safe.

The author is a partner at Edcraft, Hyderabad, a firm engaged in making teaching-learning materials, conducting workshops and providing consultancy services. She can be reached at sheela.

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