What should your school look like?

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Dull, drab, boring, colourless. Are these the words that come to your mind when you think of school buildings? We asked a few kids, between 7 and 12 years of age, what they thought a school should look like and we got some pretty interesting responses. If these kids have their way, in the future schools will be built on trees and on boats and will have animals and waterfalls in the classrooms.

My dream school would have a garden at the front, full of beautiful flowers. Also a large play area with lots of different things to play with. In my classroom I would like colourful tables. Also a blackboard on which children can also write. A big space for pets. Toilets for girls and boys separate. Our walls painted full of colourful pictures. Some sofas would do good to enjoy. One common room for eating with nice pattas (cement walls to sit). Separate rooms for everything. A very colourful school.
Asawari Mathur

I want my school to be big. I would like my school to be neat and tidy. I wish my school to have a library. I love my school to have lots of greenery. I would like school to have good teachers. I love school to have a swimming pool. My school should have a spot room. My school should have a bigger playground. My school should have a big activity room. I want the school to have good students. I will be happy to see my school with flowers. I will be happy for my school to celebrate festivals. I want my school to serve food. I want my school to have something more exciting. I want my school to be the greatest in this city.

I would like my school to be an indoor garden full of pretty flowers, butterflies, and birds. Desks and benches should be purple fluffy cotton material. The blackboard should be made of paper mache and the chalk out of a stick with cotton on top and you can dip it in paint and use it. The notebooks will be made out of our fathers’ old office papers which they don’t use any more. We will use pen pencils and not wooden pencils because pen pencils can be reused.

Fans in classrooms can be many origami fans made out of newspaper tied together. It will run automatically because of the wind. We will get light from the sun. We will not need to take water bottles as there will be a big waterfall which becomes a river and that water is so clean. We will not need to take snacks also because there will be a huge tree full of yummy fruits. The toilets will be super clean and insect free!

In winter there will be snowflakes falling on us and the class will be full of snow. There will even be a pretty pool where we can go in the break and sail paper boats, we can also take a dip in the water. I like everything to be in my favourite purple colour. I wish my real school was like this.
Sriranjini Raman

A school should be in such a way that a child should enjoy coming to school rather than sit at home. It also depends upon the education given, and a teacher’s behaviour towards a child. A teacher should be strict in studies but should also have a friendly nature and try to understand a child’s problems in studies. The rules and regulations should not be too strict that it creates problems to the child or not too lenient that a child can behave in his own way he likes which later leads to problems when he grows up to a citizen. The premises should be clean and neat. Always studies is also not so good for a child. There should be enough space where a child can play. A child should be independent in some matters and should be free to share his views.

I feel the ideal school should be a network of tree houses on trees of height about 10 to 20 feet high. The trees are located in a beautiful garden. There should be lots of space for sports like football, basketball and a park for small children. There should also be a man-made lake. A quarter of it should be devoted for swimming and the rest for other water sports like boating, parasailing, and water-skiing. Instead of having wooden chairs, there should be very comfortable sofas with leg rests. There should also be lots of murals related to history, science, dance, great works of art and music. There should also be music played to students during exams. The roof should be left plain. The common rooms for all sorts of workshops should have murals on the walls and roof. The whole place’s area in all should be around 90 to 100 acres. This is what I feel should be the ideal school.
Varun Parthasarathy

Schools are temples of studies. In school not only read or write but learn many more things. I like a school with big classrooms having computers and slides. A school should have a big playground where we can play games. The school should also give the facility of yoga, aerobics, gymnastics, and a swimming pool. Teacher should be a little strict in study and playful and friendly too. The premises should be clean and neat.
Chandra Kiran

My dream school should have good classrooms, a big playground and a library. The classrooms should have enough space for the children and nice chairs to sit. There should be enough light and air. There should be a separate place to keep lunch baskets. The lights and fans should be fitted in the correct place. The chairs and tables should be comfortable and safe for children. The Library should have books for children of all ages, and it should have a good variety of books. In the computer lab there should be exciting games for the children. Music room should have all kinds of musical instruments. The auditorium should have screen to watch movies sometimes and a stage for kids to perform. There should be a sick room where children not feeling well can rest. It should also have a first aid kit. The toilet should be clean. In the toilet there should be posters like save water and electricity. I want my dream school to become the first and best school in India.
Tejas Ganiger

I want my school to have a library, staffroom, doctors’ room, playground, bathrooms and an eating room. I want my school to be near a temple so I can pray everyday. I also want a basketball field. I want to pick berries so I want to have berries in my school. I want to have activity class too and art class even. Then I will have lots of fun. I want a swimming class too. I want to have a celebration. I want my school to have dustbins. We should also have a singing class. I want my school to be a wonderful school. This is how my school should look like.

My school should be a castle with trees around it. There should be a place where animals are kept. It should have a park, a playground, a pool, and a hostel. There should no buildings around it. A garden for the children by the children with variety of plants. Inside, the school should have a music room, art room, language rooms, canteen, library, and many classrooms. Every Friday, the hostel children can go home to be with their parents. All children should come by the school bus only. Charts made by children should be displayed in the class, whether good or bad. A discover table for discussing what was learnt. A personal locker for each child. Instead of books, slate and chalks should be there. Use natural light and no tube lights at all in the classrooms, this way we save electricity. Children all come in colourful clothes.
Eshika M Nair

My school should have playground. My school should have big classrooms with boards, chairs and desks. My school should have clean drinking water and toilets. My school should have activity rooms. My school should have stadium. My school should have library. My school should have swimming pool. My school should have servant. My school should have social class. My school should have swing. My school should have basketball. My school should have big gate with watchman.

I would like my dream school to have black stripes painted on white background just like a zebra. It will have clean and hygenic toilets. There will also be a sports room with equipments for different sports. There will be a huge playground where kids can play cricket and football. Almost one fifth of the ground can be a basketball court. The badminton court will be such that kids can play badminton, volleyball and ring too. The badminton court will be underground, just below the main building of the school. The nursery section will have beautifully painted walls with a lot of colourful pictures. The school will have many solar panels, which will be used as a source of power for the lights and fans in the whole school. We will also have an area to compost the organic waste generated in the school.
Ashwin Kiran Godbole

A school is a very sacred place for us, where we get knowledge. But we have our own idea of a school. My idea of a school is very different. I would like to have my school on a boat. Just like some people stay in houseboats, I want my school on a huge boat. Every morning the boat will leave the dock at 9:00 am. We have to board the boat before that. There will be big classrooms in which we will sit. As we sail on the waves, our teachers will teach. My boat school will also be very neat and clean. It will have lots of colourful and sweet smelling flowers. Classrooms will be air conditioned. My teachers will be very friendly and always joking. Also there will be no homework.

My school should have a playground. I want my school to have a library. I want my school to have a gymnasium. I want my school to have lots of activities and a soccer field. I want my school to have a science class and all the subjects. This school is very big. Outside the school there should be a garden. My school has an art class and cooking class and electronic class too. I want my school to have a big swimming pool. In the school we also have animals in the classrooms. We should also have a dance class. We also have a computer class. We also have a photograph class. I like this school.

I want my school to be near my residence, so that I can reach on time. All the teachers should be nice, gentle and loving, so that all children will enjoy going to school and no one will cry. School uniforms should be colourful because children love colours. School shoes should not be white, as white is very difficult to maintain. Children should have the right to decorate their classrooms with handmade paper flowers and paintings. It will be fun and enjoyable. In school I want library, ten classes, garden, swimming pool and karate class. I also want my school to have greenery. In the school I want many friends, so that I can play with them and have so much fun. Back of my school I want to have a zoo. Also I want my school to look beautiful. There should be activity, music, and hobby classes every week, so that it will help children get knowledge along with an awareness and understanding for building up a bright future through a rich balance of curricular and extra curricular activities. These are the things that I want in my school. I feel proud of my school because most of the things I want are already there in my school and I heartily love my school and all my teachers so much.
Rushai Sai Dash

Schools represented by these children include New Horizon Public School, National Public School, Aarohi Life School, Gopalan International School, The Brigade School, Greenwoods School.
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