Gentle as Breathing

Nandini Nayar
A very interesting story of how learning can happen anywhere and anytime. There are no limits to learning at all, what if you are a teacher?

Did Your Goldfish Die?

Malini Seshadri
How is it that children are able to hand out wisdom to adults and that too, their teachers. Here is a heart warming story about a young girl and her teacher trying to face up to life’s challenges, and how it is the girl who brings the smile back on the teacher’s face.

Lest We Forget

Cheryl Rao
When a teacher decides to maintain a near- perfect record of all her students who learn from her and from every class, what does she note down? When the children return to school as adults, does the teacher refer to her diary? How does it help her? Read on to find out.

The Headmaster’s Dilemma

Subha Das Mollick
Headmasters often face huge dilemmas. They not only have to teach but also have to run the school efficiently and without any bias. So, how does Debashish , the school headmaster, faced with a peculiar dilemma, solve his problem? Does he manage to convince all communities about his good intentions? How do the children themselves respond?

Deep Waters

Bubla Basu
Written in a style that helps you conjure up images of the scenes described in the story, this is a riveting tale of a young girl’s fear of the sea.

A Teacher’s Story

Katie Bagli
Teachers have plenty of stories in their kitty, what with having to deal with children all the time. Some stories bring out the humane nature of the teachers while others show us a different side of the children. This is the story of Miss Kinjal and a problem child, Tina. How did Miss Kinjal win over Tina and how did Tina become a happy child?

Behave Yourself!

Sonali Bhatia
Very often, a school librarian is not given the importance that he or she deserves in the learning curve of the children. But not many know that a librarian too goes beyond the call of duty and engages with the children in an effort to guide them in their interests. Brinda, the librarian’s story is about her effort to reach out to her students and win their hearts.


Subhadra Sen Gupta
Written by a seasoned writer, this story is set in a previous era and brings out the conflict in a teacher’s mind as he tries to find the true meaning of his vocation.

A Box of Chocolates

Nina Sabnani
On her way to school, a young girl encounters an incident that forces her to question long- held beliefs and values— those that were handed to her by her teacher. A recurring note in the story is about how ‘not to make ours those things that belong to others’. Did this student choose wisely, did she do right despite the temptation that came her way?

The New Boy

Renita D’Silva
This story has no classroom setting, no class teacher or children. In fact, it is a very different story that tugs at your heartstrings. It is about a teacher who makes a difference and who gives of himself, is generous and selfless with his time and cares for and loves those less fortunate and he inspires a young girl too!