Why We Need Our Stories

Stories shape us, they help us improve our ability to understand people, their experiences and their solutions to problems. This Special issue for teachers carries a bouquet of stories that celebrate the life and work of a teacher. The stories are sure to leave you readers entertained and surprised. Happy reading.


Kaivallya Dasu
This one is a breezy, humorous take on how teachers too are human, hate coming to school on Saturdays, and having come, decide to play ball among themselves. Don’t miss reading this story as it easily found favour with everyone to take the second prize.

Will You Come Home with Me?

Usha Prabhakar
It is the sea which has an important role to play in the lives of the main protagonists — the school headmistress Shanta, the young boy, Appu and a teacher, Malini. How the three play out their lives as they survive a storm forms the crux of the story. This one had a unanimous vote to bag the third place.

Ways of Seeing

Ananya Pathak
What if a young girl did not like her name? Why did she find her name so hard to accept? After all, she was a school girl studying in class 7. Is there a story behind this? Here is a moving tale about Drishti and how she came to accept life on her terms.

The Day of the Miracle

Deepti Dilip Kumar
A very enthusiastic teacher with plans of honing the students’ thinking skills, a litter of kittens found somewhere in the school and a group of curious children. When all these come together, there are bound to be some life lessons that need to be learnt. Did that happen?

A Life of Purpose

P Ajitha
Workplace politics , one would think, is restricted to the corporate corridor. But , in schools too, staffroom politics can be equally challenging and stressful. This story gives you a glimpse into one such incident and how the protagonist managed to deal with it.

A Small Act for Mother Earth

Bridget Chandramohan
When children put their learning into action, then it’s time for some appreciation. Here’s a story of how two children get together and strive to save trees from being felled in the place where they live.

Seeds of Greed

Sujata Unnikrishnan
Stories always influence people to act and children are no exception. In this short tale, when children begin to litter their classroom unmindful of the mess they are creating, a teacher takes it upon herself to tell them a story about how planets began to fight among themselves and in the process ruined the earth. Did the children take the cue? How did they respond?

Beating All Odds…

Pooja Keshavan Singh A teacher’s life is full of stories, in fact every day that she spends with her learners, the narrative grows. My life is no different. The story that I am about to pen has been picked out Read More …

Gentle as Breathing

Nandini Nayar
A very interesting story of how learning can happen anywhere and anytime. There are no limits to learning at all, what if you are a teacher?