Fractions off the board!

Sheela Iyer

Innovation leads to change and change leads to success. This is what I have always seen, read, and heard. Unless one does desire to change, one will have no chance to taste success. Change always goes hand in hand with difficulties and problems. The smart person is the one who overcomes these difficulties and solve the problems.

In today’s scenario, innovation is a must.

When the whole world is changing how can India fall behind, especially with its rich culture, tradition and values when compared to other countries? Traditional values with modern teaching techniques are the mantra of our school, Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Vidyamandir at Jamnagar. “Learning by doing and doing by learning” is what we follow at KDAV.

There is no need to prove the same. Whosoever wants to really feel it, can walk into our school premises, enter the classrooms and converse with our children, they can feel and see the change. The confidence of each and every child is visible, whether it is in the field of academics, sports, extra-curricular activities, etc.

It is said that children want to be continuously experiential. Throughout the day in their school, children learn several new things. Subjects like EVS, English, hindi, art & craft, are all interesting. But mathematics has always been a difficult subject and fractions can be really difficult to understand. In one such classroom, while teaching mathematics to class V, fractions was being taught innovatively and this was worth observing.

Fraction board
Here a fraction board is made to facilitate and attract children to understand fractions better. It is nothing but a square board and some red and yellow colour sticks along with two different colour buttons. (All these materials are easily available and any colour combination can be used).

The author works as a co-ordinator for Primary II at KDAV, Jamnagar. She can be reached at

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